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Anonymous 11213

how do u put on false eyelashes w fingers the inner corners always look weird and which hair color looks the best

Anonymous 11214


second hair

Anonymous 11219

adjust with tweezers or a qtip

Anonymous 11226

I’m gonna get these false lashes cause I suck at them and these look easy. Even stick at the the inner and outer corners. They have great reviews.

Hair color is a very personal thing. Depends on your skin tone and undertone.
I guess from the second picture (I think you posted?) they’re all the same, just styled different. But the two curly haired ones are prettier in color. So go with those to the stylist.

Anonymous 11287

put on the glue, and fan the lash around so it gets tacky. place the center of the lash to the center if your lashline, then the outer and inner, holding them for a couple seconds so they stick. also, remember to trim the lashes if they’re too long, or else the lashes can start to poke the corner of your eye..
as for hair color there’s no shade that works for everyone but id say try to match to your undertone, a warm undertoned person will look better with golden blonde than ash blonde.

Anonymous 11288

just realized you meant the photos, oops. the top left in the 2nd pic then.

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