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Anonymous 11259

I'm the baaaad girl

Anonymous 11260

So sad to see she's been brainwashed like every other popstar into posing in her underwear as a teenager.

Anonymous 11266

more optimistically, could be it's selection bias rather than brainwashing

Anonymous 11301

I'm not really surprised by this, though. She's been wearing e-girl makeup and attracting creepy moids since she was like 16.
And this lingerie is quite modest, there are "normal" clothes which are far more revealing these days.

Anonymous 11360

the truly heinous thing about this photoshoot is the color palette. look at it. my god is it drab and does nothing but wash her out.

Anonymous 11379

Who is this?

Anonymous 11382

Billie Eilish

Anonymous 11548

make it stop :(

Anonymous 11551

What even is this? This music video does not match the song at all, not even close. This is the worst mismatch I've ever seen, and was specifically only done to showcase her body and their bodies.

Anonymous 11552

I think a dark blue or green with some black would've looked nice.
Lmfao it's a mess. I also think the song sucks. Jesus what's happening.

Anonymous 11575

This. There’s not any chemistry with any of the girls either. It’s obvious they’re just some actresses they hired and not her real friends. Just an awkward, uninteresting video.

Anonymous 11606

kek it's just soft porn for her coomer fanbase.
True lol. It also looks weird how shiny her leg is, it almost looks like a piece of plastic. Especially in contrast to her face which is coated in matte powder.

Anonymous 11645

it looks like a skincare product commercial
i'd suck those titties though

Anonymous 11647

Called it. She reeked of "cant wait to be a hoe publicly". Shes also very immature and talks like no one ever told her that she might be wrong.

Anonymous 11719

i don't think anyone gets into this industry without ending up brainwashed to some degree. what's confusing though is the fact that her fanbase is largely young girls, not coomers. why ignore her actual fanbase who seem to go wild over the edgy streetwear inspired e-girl look, for this? i just don't understand where her management is coming from. there's just so much more money to be made from young fangirls than coomers. this makes no sense.

Anonymous 11767

it's expected from teenagers to be stupid but she's such a hypocrite, one minute she wears baggy clothes because muh wanna hide my body and people cant sexualize me next minute she's wearing push up bras and bouncing her tits around

Anonymous 11770

Bring back 2018, it was a great year.

Anonymous 11775

billie's version is better

Anonymous 11926


Am I the only one that thinks that the blonde looks fucking awful? I hate untoned, bleached hair contrasted with dark brown eyebrows. It looks unnatural, yellow, and washes her out. She looks better with a darker blonde like on the right

Anonymous 11927

Dyeing your hair "blonde" is extremely disrespectful and racist towards blonde people.

Anonymous 11928

why do people never tone their hair these days

Anonymous 11929

cosmetologist here! no discernible fucking clue. but i think the primary reason is something called not knowing toner exists and the hypersexualization of 'bleach blondes' in society or some garbage. i dont fucking know.

Anonymous 11951

i don't think a lot of people think this blonde looks good. what i do not understand are wealthy people who not only don't tone their blonde, but don't want dimensional blonde hair.

Anonymous 11952

She looks like a 15 year old sped who was allowed to have her older sister bleach her hair for summer vacation

I guess if you look at it in a "well shes supposed to look unusual" way then it's not too bad, but this honestly could have been done better

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