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finding style Anonymous 11291

how do you find your own style? i want to dress many things at the same time but i don't have the money to lol. i wish i could find an alt fashion that fits me perfectly

Anonymous 11293

I use Pintrest mostly to browse different looks and see what I like. Once you have a board full of stuff you've pinned it's a lot easier to find trends and looks you're attracted to.

Anonymous 11302

I used to have this problem. My advice is: accept that you can't wear all the cute styles that exist, and learn to just admire most of them on other people. You don't need to wear it yourself just because you like it.
Pick the style and color scheme that flatters your body and skin/hair color best from the styles that you like. Adapt it to your lifestyle and occupation, and limit your shopping based on that. That way you won't end up wasting money on things that look cute but you never get a chance to wear.
Basically try to find something practical and flattering for you rather than just buying whatever looks cute on others.

Anonymous 11331

off topic but what is the name of the style in pic related? i know she's misa amane i'm just asking the clothes so i can search for it lol. gives me 2000s avril lavigne vibes but a bit more feminine.

Anonymous 11344

It could be considered gothic, kindergoth, or possibly emo style. Could even be considered punk by some. You might be better off searching for specific pieces such as corsets, pleated skirts,tennis skirts,thigh-highs, or combat boots, though, since the styles I mentioned are broad categories and have various substyles, and people with similar alt fashions tend to give themselves different labels based on their musical taste.

Anonymous 11345

I would say it's e-girl style.

Anonymous 11377

misa precedes e-girls by a decade lol. looks a bit like harajuku goth style to me!

Anonymous 11396


If style is about self expression, comfort and convenience, ask yourself the following questions.

1) Do you like to blend in, or stand out?
2) What is your favorite season?
3) How do you decorate your room? What colors do you like?
4) What is the type of woman you want to convey? Think of an idealised version of yourself
5) What are local attitudes to modesty? How much skin are you comfortable with showing, and are you in a safe enough area to dress liberally?
6) Does it make you feel comfortable?
7) Think of characters in anime, books, shows that you relate to ~(omg lit rally me!1!!one) this can help you find characteristics to emulate
8) What era is the most aesthetic?
9) How do you want to feel? More powerful? More approachable? More playful? Incorporate this into your outfit, e.g boots for power, or patterned clothes and half up hairstyles for playfulness
10) Can you afford the wardrobe? How versatile are your articles of clothing?

For experimenting and planning with fashion, I recommend pinterest to discover styles you appreciate and building a collage.
Or the Sims, you can use your body type on your characters and combine articles of clothing, I only use the sims for fashion.

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