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Cheugy Anonymous 11320

Are you cheugy?

-> relevance of personal style
= how stylish you are (on-trend or outdated in an uncool way)

-> awareness of personal style
= how much you CARE abt being stylish (explicitly saying you dont care, actually not caring or caring a lot)

Anonymous 11321

Does wearing vintage count as uncool? I don't wear the specific types of vintage stuff that's considered trendy or designer vintage.
I am very aware of my personal style, so I might be cheugy.

Anonymous 11324

Depends on the decade. Anything 50s/rockabilly style is very cheugy while 90s is trendy again.

Anonymous 11349

Ok, I'm probably bimbo then. I wear stuff from the 80s/90s.

Anonymous 11351

It's hard for me to figure out what this chart means even with the explanations. I guess I'm either basic, a normie or offline. If I started caring more I guess I'd be "cheugy" (what the fuck is this word) because I have styles I like and I don't care about what is trendy or not.

Anonymous 11352

Dadcore here

Anonymous 11378

can somebody tell me where chaotic lesbian style fall under this chart

Anonymous 11381

Possibly dadcore

Anonymous 11392

Do zoomers actually use the word "cheugy"? I've never heard anyone say it and I've only seen news articles about it, feels like a psyop to me.

Anonymous 11427

lol offline

Anonymous 11440

no one does ever

Anonymous 11490

I kinda dress like Vince Noir, so does goth/punk/new romantic fit under self aware outdated?

Anonymous 11491

kek, was not expecting to see 'i kinda dress like vince noir' on the front page. i wish i could pull off his style but id look like howard in the goth episode. to answer your question: yes, especially considering how old those subcultures are.

Anonymous 11495

It takes a long while to build a Vince Noir wardrobe but I'm committed to being the absolute purest form of myself

Anonymous 11498


Based and booshpilled. Keep at it anon

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