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oversized crop tops Anonymous 11402

oversized crop tops are amazing.
last year, Target had a limited run of Sailor Moon 25th anniversary shirts. unfortunately for me, they were crop tops. i hate crop tops, but i was determined to own and wear this, so i bought an XXL. i normally wear a medium, but i actually love how this shirt fits. it's probably my fav shirt as of right now. has anyone else done this?

Anonymous 11403

I always buy my sweaters oversized because women's sweaters are so often crop-top length and also because I have long arms. Oversized sweaters are the best.

Anonymous 11404

oversized clothes in general are just better i think. well maybe.

Anonymous 11405


i hate crop tops but it's smart how you found a loophole to make them into normal tops. i wish death upon the crop top trend.
yeah i agree. oversized sweaters make me feel like i'm wearing a portable comfy blanket everywhere

Anonymous 11406

give it a try sometime! it's the most comfy shirt i own for sure and i'm super glad i can wear it even when it's hot. i much prefer winter fashion so the summer is paaaaaain.

Anonymous 15326

nearly a year later and i return to state that my opinion is unchanged, oversized crop tops are still the best.

Anonymous 15327

Tbh oversized clothing made me more confident than actual fitting ones.
I respect the dedication

Anonymous 15346

Tell me about it sisters I really love my zara (10 dollars btw crop top) its so amazing. I walk out whenever I go to pick up my paycheck from work and I just feel A M A Z I N G

stay slaaying girls

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