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Anonymous 11457

… I started a new diet this week and I just SHARTED my fucking undies for the first time ever. I shat twice this morning but just now it felt like I had to fart. So I pushed hard hoping for a hilarious reverbing ass rip to echo through my home and instead I got a splurt of SHIT.

Anonymous 11458


Anonymous 11481

are you fasting anon

Anonymous 11484

anon, jilly juice is not a diet.

Anonymous 11485

Anon, this is why you should never trust a fart. What are you eating?

Anonymous 11488

Back when I was on a pretty serious diet I cut out all forms of dairy. I think I had lettuce and chicken with hot sauce for (this is not an exaggeration) every meal for 3 weeks.

And then one day I treated myself to a chocolate frappuccino. Farted, liquid shit shot out of me like snot from a sneeze

Anonymous 12019

Are you using detox teas and such? Those are basically laxatives.

Anonymous 12020

Antibiotics can do that to you too. Ask me how I know lol

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