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Anonymous 11466

How to make my arms stronger? I can't even do push-ups and no, I'm not fat, what exercises do you recommend to get me started?

Anonymous 11469

with what equipment? if you have just dumbells, bicep curls, hammer curls, put one dumbell behind your head and lift up then back down, dips on a couch, that should do it for just arms, when you can finally do a push up do those though.

Anonymous 11470

I used to have this problem. If you don't have equipment, you can try things like in this video. They make my arms sore really fast.

Anonymous 11477

Do pushups against the wall.

Anonymous 11479


Anonymous 11489

Not OP, but do wall push ups work? I actually came here to ask a similar question about improving my upper body and I've seen mixed attitudes towards wall push ups

Anonymous 11492


Yes, they work. They are great for gently conditioning your joints or when you are too weak to do push ups on the floor. The idea is you work yourself up to "normal" pushups eventually over time.

Anonymous 11493

imo, what works varies from person to person, since we all have different starting points. If you do wall push-ups and you can feel muscles being activated which normally aren't, or you experience muscle soreness the next day, then it's working for you. If not, try a different exercise until you find one that's effective for you.

Anonymous 11500

This is pretty bad.
This is ok, wall push ups are great if you are very weak, you should start doing regular push ups once you are able.

But these are mostly tricep exercises.
In my opinion for biceps plus back the best exercise is to do a jump on a pull up bar and than lower your body(3 series of this each with 6 repetitions)

Anonymous 11528


Can I get some opinions on this? Is it worth adopting into my routine

Anonymous 11529

I am far from an expert but looks good to me. Reminds me of when I did sports in school and we did warm ups.

Anonymous 11530

It looks like average cardio. I don't know if you're seeking growth or strength, assuming you don't care and just want to be active it looks fine.

Anonymous 11531

Fug, *Calisthenics

Anonymous 11540


Anonymous 11541


Nyart but do Starting Strength (workout plan, first phase posted) + drink a Gallon Of Milk A Day along with your normal food (for fueling gainz)

It was male advice (no beginner would walk into a gym on her first week and do fucking deadlifts) but if overall strength is your goal it’s not the worst thing out there.

Anonymous 11542

>Mark Ripto advice
>on my /hb/
>on crystal.cafe
I am astounded.

Anonymous 11544

Lol ikr? My /fit/-boy to English translation services are always available if you need :D

Anonymous 11546


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