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Anonymous 11502

I'm at around 15% body fat but I have the cheeks of a literal obese person. My cheeks are just so fucking chubby, especially when I smile. How do I get rid of this? I can't let people take photos of me because I look so bad.

Anonymous 11505

You could try contouring. But just so you know,it's actually normal and feminine for women to have more fat in their cheeks than men or children, despite the fact that makeup gurus and celebs have glorified super chiseled, drag-queen looking cheeks.
It's also possible that you're bloated though. Drinking more water and massaging your face upwards from your chin can help.

Anonymous 11508

it's good to have fat cheeks. you will look more youthful for much longer.

Anonymous 11509

Buccal fat removal

Anonymous 11512

Ice rolling can help.

Anonymous 11784

assuming it's actually that you have genuinely chubby cheeks and not moonface because of something else like masseter hypertrophy, or your gonial being too small, i'd suggest buccal fat removal.

i had genetically rly large fat deposits in my cheeks, was low bf% my whole life but face was chubby. went to doctor, had two meetings with them and then did the operation. cost me 6 grand in aus dollars. took about 3 weeks for the swelling to go down, and then another 6 months for the changes to fully take effect. was so worried it wasn't gonna do anything because all of the before/afters online look so shit, but it actually made a massive difference because it was just a genetic weak point.

tldr; if it's actually buccal fat and not because of some other issue, then get the buccal fat removed and you'll see a difference.

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