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Food you miss when dieting Anonymous 11511

(This is only half a joke, I'm on a diet and it sucks that I can't be a glutton)

Eddie Rockets secret sauce EXPOSED

So I'm on a diet right now. For lunch, I had a salad. my salad was tuna, lettuce, and tomato. Simple light lunch for 128 calaroos. But undeniably boring on it's own.

Que Eddie Rocket secret sauce. You will notice it says "the secret is out in the package". Yes, Eddie, yes it fucking is.

I'm actually quite a fan of Eddie Rockets restaurants. Admittedly, this is probably part of the reasons I need to go on a diet to begin with. I had no idea the fucking sauce was like 20% of the calories in a burger??? Thise fucking things are listed as 300ish cals on the menu, how the hell is such a huge chunk of it a tsp of sauce??

Diets suck WHAT THE FUCK. Peanut butter, then bananas, and now this.

Anyway, anyone else have food they miss on diets? Mine is this and a lot if fruits

Anonymous 11513

Why don't you add some vinegar or spices to your salads? They're very healthy for you. Spices and herbs are the best source of antioxidants. Idk why you're keeping things bland.
Also, unless you have a specific medical condition that gives you an intolerance to certain fruits, there's no need to cut those out either. Just cut out juices and such which remove all the fiber from fruit and thus concentrate the sugar. Whole fruits are good for you.

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