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Anonymous 11514

I haven’t been able to reup on my birth control. I just got off my period two days ago and haven’t been able to get birth control since it’s been the weekend. I had sex today and my boyfriend asked if I was taking my pills and now I’m paranoid I’ll get pregnant

Anonymous 11515

omg if you think there's a risk/your partner doesn't know your status don't have sex

Anonymous 11516


Wow so helpful

Anonymous 11517

It's a distinct possibility. If you have no moral qualms just pop a plan B.

Anonymous 11518


just saying

Anonymous 11522


Get plan b as fast as possible.

Also this Pepe makes me think you're a male troll. It gives me disgusting 4chan vibes. CC should really ban pepes. I mean, we got Cece. Why do we need Pepe?

Anonymous 11523

true, we just need more expressive and situational ceces and we should be good to go

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