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Anonymous 11538

What advice would you give to an anon who just cant fashion?

Anonymous 11543

Tired of looking like a slob? Want people to take you seriously and not treat you like a schizophrenic hobo? Become a soulless normie that makes people say “wow, she looks like a background character but at least one that has all her shit together” Here’s how:
1. Collect neutral clothes that aren’t scratchy or see-through and all match with each other (stick to white gray navy and beige if you truly cannot match anything). Get bras and underwear that are as neutral and seamless as you can afford that won’t show through under your clothes. Show skin if you want but limit it to one area (cleavage, leg, tummy, general “fitted”-ness around the bum) unless you want to get a lot of attention. To further elevate your look, gravitate towards pieces with buttons and zippers rather than pull-overs or trousers with just an elastic waistbands if you can help it. Pay attention to laundering instructions and hang your clothes to avoid wrinkles. That part may sound silly but it does make a difference as the bar is literally on the floor when it comes to modern fashion.
2. Make sure your hair/face is presentable. Look to others to figure out hair trends for your age group. Try doing basic skincare. This may seem unrelated fashion but clear skin and good hair are more important than clothes in the modern day.
3. If clear skin is impossible, or you’re just insecure, try light makeup (you don’t need to if you don’t want). Gradually practice with products at home before adding them into your routine. Keep in mind that if people are used to seeing you in makeup, they will notice if you don’t wear it. Masks made this step sort of unnecessary anyways but it’s worth mentioning.
4. Don’t overdo it with accessories. Stick to delicate jewelry pieces and only a couple at a time (piercings count as jewelry). Scarves are fine for fall/winter but hats will draw attention to you unless you’re at the beach or it’s actually below freezing. Bag trends fluctuate so just get a functional bag in a neutral color that just barely fits all your shit.

These steps helped me literally get dressed in the dark for 8 years while still looking normal if not better than my peers. I’ve since moved on to having more fun in fashion as I’ve embraced NEETing and gotten more body-confident but there’s definitely a level of effort and discomfort that comes with being fashionable so I’m happy I got a foundation in normie-dressing first that I can fall back on if I need to. Every artist should know how to draw realistic proportions even if they choose to break it.

Anonymous 11611


wear all black, always. Or all dark grey. If the colors are neutral and monochromatic, you'll automatically look sharp, even if you're just wearing a baggy sweater and jeans. Darker colors are great because stains don't show and your face will stand out from your clothes.
Invest in one good-quality bag, one pair of shoes, and one belt that all have matching hardware. For example, the metal parts should all be gold or all be silver.
I do this and get loads of compliments on my outfits.

Anonymous 11615

To add to this, make sure all the blacks "match" and redye them when they start to fade. DO NOT ever try and pass something navy or dark brown off as black. Grey is ok though.


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