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Anonymous 11545

Is there a guy or girl you want to catch right now? Do you have your eyes on them?

Anonymous 11547

My ex. Always my ex.

Anonymous 11549

does my bf count? i love him but hes 3 states away :CCCCC

Anonymous 11550

My husband after he works out.

Anonymous 11553

My boyfriend.

Anonymous 14496

my tulpa

Anonymous 14497

I want to catch a break ;-;

Anonymous 14522


Well, there was this one kinda nice looking gas station attendant. Was rreallly hoping he would just magically have a nice face under his hood and mask due to his nice eyes and nest eyebrows.

Unfortunately he looked very much like pic related. (A little shorter tho)

Anonymous 14540


Anonymous 14664

My best friend :(

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