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Realistic body hair image and discussion thread Anonymous 11602

I used to always have an issue with feeling "too hairy" despite it being totally normal and healthy, specifically because our body hair is so purposely hidden by media and the spectrum of normal body hair is wide, it made me feel really shitty. I recently came across images of celebrities with body hair (not just pits like we all have), but stomach hair, noticeable vellus chest hair, back hair, and it's very reassuring. I know a lot of girls and women have body image issues and could just be feeling like they're more hirsute than normal when they're actually not, or have PCOS, or just come from a genetic background that is slightly more fuzzy than some others. So here are pics of celebs that we normally classify as being "perfect" and assume are hairless.

Here's Vanessa Marano with upper back/neck hair. These are HQ pics, so you'll have to zoom in for most to see. I hope this kind of thing helps other anons to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Anonymous 11603


Cheryl Cole w noticeable stomach hair. I would never figure Cheryl Cole would naturally have a noticeable happy trail all the way up her stomach. This is how purposely separated women and girls are forced to become from normal body image.

Anonymous 11604

Damn, I didn't even know I needed this thread. Thanks anon!

Anonymous 11605


Lily Collins with back hair and facial hair (zoom in). I don't think this is lanugo, I just figure she has darker vellus hair because she naturally has very dark hair, and she naturally also has "long" forearm hair (which is also very normal) regardless of her weight.

Anonymous 11607


Cindy Kimberly with appropriately colored vellus hair on her breasts, between her breasts, and all on her stomach. I used to think vellus hair was always almost white and that anything else was not normal, but no. Most online resources act as if vellus hair has to be barely pigmented, which is annoying and misleading. This is normal.

You're welcome, anon!

Anonymous 11610


Camila Cabello w noticeable upper back/vellus back hair

Anonymous 11612


Alyssa Milano w normal noticeable arm and upper arm hair

Anonymous 11613


Alyssa Milano w stomach hair

Anonymous 11614


Emma Roberts w stomach and chest vellus hair that's noticeable if you inspect closely. This is like what I have and I drove myself crazy about it for years for no reason

Anonymous 11617

Wow thank you so much for making this thread. I don't have any images to contribute but I will say that growing up with body hair that is visibly darker than my skin tone was torture for me. I opted out of so many opportunities to have fun and live a normal life all because of how insecure I was of my body hair, e.g. I avoided going to the pool at all costs, I covered myself head to toe at the beach, changing for gym class in front of other girls was hell on earth, etc. Spent so much of my time and money on every hair removal method you can think of… Now, as an adult I have come to terms with myself and my body hair and recognize it as completely normal. I just regret all the time I spent wallowing in self hatred over something that isn't even abnormal… On a lighter note, I just remembered that my mother used to pet my upper back hair and call me 'a woolly little lamb' and little kid me thought it was really cute that she called me that lol. Sage because no one asked.

Anonymous 11619


Idk who this is, some model, but notice how she has pigmented vellus hair all over her body. I swear to god, all resources say vellus hair is supposed to be "barely pigmented" and "not noticeable", but that's totally untrue.

I feel you, anon. The way it makes you feel really lonely and anxious is the worst, imo. Glad you've gotten over it and that these images are helping you.

Anonymous 11620

This makes me feel good. Thanks, .

Anonymous 11625


Not body hair, but here's Ariana and her facial hair that she now seems to have kept gone pretty meticulously

Anonymous 11626

Love the pics anons have posted so far. I wish more female celebrities and women in general kept their hair natural like this. When most women don’t, it makes women and girls feel self-conscious and alone about things that are completely common and natural. I’d post a pic of my arm/leg hair if stupid moids didn’t lurk and screenshot here.

Anonymous 11627


Same, I had no clue. It seems like Cheryl Cole keeps her vellus happytrail waxed now, same goes for most of the celebs posted. This is a topic I'd never bring up with my friends tbh so there's nowhere to speak about it, particularly when talking about vellus hair. I normally see a lot of speak online about issues with terminal hair, not just being notably fuzzy with darker vellus hair all over.

you're welcome anon

Anonymous 11628


Here's Nicole Trunfio (model) with her light/vellus happytrail unwaxed. Of course, in all her HQ editorials or on the runway, the hair is gone

Anonymous 11666

rather than the hair, I'm glad to see all the freckles/moles. I'm covered in them and use whitening treatments to try and diminish them. a few days ago I noticed one becoming raised so i cut it out with nail clippers (worked–this isn't the first time I've done this. it's healing well, no infection etc.) I hate these fucking things, they make me feel so disgusting. i've had numerous ones burned off and am now covered in little white circular scars (which almost blend in perfectly because my skin is that pale.) I'm using derma pen treatments to reduce the scars now.

I know it's insane how much I obsess over it but I cant' stop myself. same with body hair. meanwhile moids walk around with giant facial moles or unibrows or anything else and think nothing of it.

Anonymous 11667

anon, moles are really cute and a lot of people like them. that's very different than body hair, which is universally hated. moles are super cute and a lot of people think so. there's no sense in being insecure, it's not weird or conventionally unattractive

Anonymous 11731

I don't see how the amount of body hair that people have in all of the pictures that were posted would be too much. Of course it will show up more if you are taking pictures with a flash. But I don't know a single person that would see this amount of hair as an issue.

Anonymous 11733

I see where you're coming from, and it might be nice to have women with leg hair/ less normalized body hair on here as well, but I've actually met women who do see the small amount of hair in these images as an issue. Plus, you can't deny that most of the celebrity images we see of women don't even have that small amount of hair.

Anonymous 11735

maybe not enough to feel like a designated freak show but all the celebs don't keep their body hair natural anymore from what i can tell and i've seen girls bullied for body hair (upper back and tummy). maybe i'm just neurotic but my normal ethnic bg compared to my super white mostly hairless anglo friends made me feel like shit as a kid and teen

Anonymous 11737


and btw cardi b was mocked heavily all over the internet for having just a little bit of vellus upper tummy hair at the grammys, pic related

Anonymous 11739

If you are white, having this kind of hair is terrible. I shave my torso religiously.

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