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Help Anonymous 11820

I have a manly face and a big pointy chin. What should I do?

Anonymous 11821

Embrace it and look cute.

Anonymous 11822

Get yourself a boyfriend.
It won't be hard if you look like this.

Anonymous 11823


Do u look like this? No? Then u don’t have a manly face sis

Anonymous 11824

Make moids seethe, have handsome sons

Anonymous 11825

honestly anon, my jaw is kinda big too. If you're really insecure about it, you can add more volume to your hair to make the upper part of your head look bigger, hence more "feminine", but you also risk just looking stupid.

Or you can own it. Sharp jawlines are sexy. Go enchant people with your dorito chin, and don't give af what anyone thinks. Just accept that you can't control it and focus on what you can.

Anonymous 11826

stop posting tranny fantasies

Anonymous 11827


They’re called femboys. The cosmetic change industry is god.

Anonymous 11828

LARP as a trans woman online and beg for money to get hormones/etc.. profit?

Anonymous 11829

Noooooo!!!! Why do they have to go full on girl

Anonymous 12043

I’m in the same boat as OP and this gave me a stupid amount of motivation, thank you

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