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Anonymous 11932

I'm only learning that my breasts are actually normal now. I'm almost 22. This entire time I've been comparing my breasts to models, movies, influencers, and only now do I realise that my breasts are just normal breasts. There was never anything wrong with them. I wasted my teens been so embarrassed of them

I dont even know if I can regain the confidence I've already lost to thinking they were bad or ugly breasts

Anonymous 11934

Can't tell of this is a joke or if you're just a moid

Anonymous 11935


>tehee my boobs are so weird ;~;
>won't even post pics to see if they actually are normal
ok sis.

Anonymous 11936

Anon, the point is that they're not weird, the point is that OP realised that her boobs are just normal looking boobs after years of comparing them to an unrealistic image shoved down her throat. Begone scrote

Anonymous 11937

me too sis, and i'm still wondering is there a way to make them more "round"
i"ve just always hated how they look like freaking pyramids
i mean at least they aren't saggy or anything, but still comparing to others they don't look attractive at all

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