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group workout thread Anonymous 12008

ok ladies, i have a challenge for you all, if any are interested. let's post YT workouts for each other and anons can join in and post when they're done with the workout, and recommend what's next, or i can post subsequent vids, whichever. anons that join in should/could post which vids they've completed and where they are on our workout journey.

i, personally, do much better doing workouts as a group or team.

vid related is my contribution for workout no. 1 for us all. just basic arm pilates, no equipment necessary, but it WILL kick your ass swiftly! i personally like to do these 3 times. after arms, we'll do butt pilates next! hope to see you guys join in! group efforts boost morale and give incentive!

Anonymous 12038


you did ONE blogilates video THREE TIMES?! You must be super strong.

I worked out on an online program last May for a month, and it was difficult but I think I was stronger and healthier. Would come back home for lunch, workout, shower, put my uniform back on and run back in lmaoo

The video linked is the workout that you do on every day of the program, targets all muscles and gets the heart pumping.

If you post your butt pilates video I will add it to my routine tomorrow and get back to you. Blogilates is super brutal, so I'm in.

Also, you know how after working out your body gives you chemicals that make you high? I don't know why, but if I work out in the dark and then open the curtains after? Wow. The sunlight and the exercise high both feel euphoric and almost intoxicating. Try working out in the dark. Once.

Anonymous 12045

damn can't we just do some crunches

Anonymous 12052

yay, let's do this!!! yes, i like to do most of her workouts 3 times. i have to take a break though for a few minutes and then restart, i can't just jump right back into it because it is just so killer. going to do your vid related rn add ad it to my everyday routine! i used to do HIIT everyday but it's sooo boring imo. also going to try your workout in the dark tip in the morning, sounds promising! this is a decent butt workout from blogilates. i like to use it with my ankle weights but it's good w/o them too.

don't be a weenie, anon. join us on the pilates/blogilates train. it produces results and will kick your ass into tuesday.

Anonymous 12056

based thread.

Someone choose me a workout and I'll do it, lets get thissssss

Anonymous 12180

I feel so dumb asking this but am too embarassed to make a thread about it: what undergarments to wear in such activities? Underwear bothers me so much but when I go to the gym "commando mode" in leggings I feel like my glutes kind of chaffe unconfortably against each other? and i'm not overweight (and have NO BUTT). Maybe there needs to be something between them but thongs are a NO-NO for me. Help me

Anonymous 12181

If I'm not mistaken there are actually underwear specifically for working out and you can buy them in a set with a matching sports bra. I dont ever really see them in shops but I've seen sets advertised online

Anonymous 12437

I really like the idea of this thread, lets all get fit together :)

Anonymous 12529

sailor moon .gif

i'll be joining in too! i'm gonna do >>12437 this one tonight

Anonymous 12531

shes got no ass tho…

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