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Anonymous 12057

I have some weird discoloration on my face (more yellowish, sometimes dark) around my mouth starting from the nose, kind of like the blue circle in this image, overlapping with red. The skin texture is completely normal.
Anyone know why?
Thank you.

Anonymous 12058

Have you experienced injury to your face in the past?

Anonymous 12105

hit my nose on asphalt as a kid, that's pretty much it, unless you count acne as injury

Anonymous 12107

Do yo have any other areas of your affected by yellow discoloration?
Are you taking any medications?
Does the coloration come and go or is it there constantly? If the latter then how long has this been happening? Is this the first time you've experienced this?

Anonymous 12108

Also i want you to look at your eyes very closely and see if there is a yellow discoloration of the white part of the eye(sclera)
I'm suspecting this might be mild jaundice
Also have yo had abnormal urine or stool color? (Stool color can be very dark or very pale depending on the type of jaundice)

Anonymous 12114

In that area? Discoloration on flat skin is a common way for acne to scar. Was it concentrated in that area? Luckily, if that is the case, you can easily fix it with microdermal abrasion

Anonymous 12115

what race are you anon? different races are prone to some things

Anonymous 12117

i had this when i was little, same exact area, no indication of jaundice anywhere else. i think it's related to your thyroid and improper processing of beta carotene due to thyroid dysfunction, if it's not jaundice or just from eating a fuckton of carrots or sweet potatoes.

Anonymous 12125

My mom noticed it when I was 12, and I'm 18 now. I'm not looking in the mirror all the time but she says it's most obvious when I haven't been eating and tells me it's because of lack of vitamins in general. So not constant, and sometimes I don't notice it.
I don't take anything at all. I have just been paying more attention to my appearance lately and it annoys me a little. (It's a bit embarrassing to ask about this too.) I don't want to mask it with make up though, so that's why I'm asking about it.

My stool is pretty normal and my eyes are an ordinary off white color too.

White European
Oh, that's pretty interesting.

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