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how can i improve my looks ?? Anonymous 12238

is it possible to minimize the appearance of my flaws w/ makeup or a hairstyle? if so what makeup techniques/style can I use?

here some of the problems w/ my face

>big nose

>wide/bulky-looking jaw
>facial fat around mouth area

Anonymous 12239

Try massaging your face regularly and wearing contouring makeup. Don't contour as heavily as online influcencers, do, though. It looks unnatural and cakey irl. As for your hair, I recommend a side part to draw attention away from the center of your face and your nose, and make sure you let your hair fall down the sides of your face rather than putting it up or tucking it behind your ears. That should make your face appear a bit slimmer.

Anonymous 12240

Curtain bangs. Also get fit. No one will notice your facial flaws if you'll have a nice strong body.

Anonymous 12246

ty for the advice anon, but to get a strong body do I only do weight-training instead of cardio or do i do both?

Anonymous 12249

It is weight-lifting that will get you a nice looking body, cardio is mostly if you have to lose weight. I focus on lifting 3 times a week, and do cardio once or twice if i feel like it (it is good for health and makes me feel nice), but if you hate cardio you can get the same results from just doing weight-lifting

Anonymous 12258

This >>12249
Also make sure to push yourself as hard as you can for best results (dont hurt yourself, of course). For example, when lifting, pick the weight that you can barely lift the last few reps. If its not difficult, it aint doing shit.

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