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Dieting woes Anonymous 12265

I've been on a diet for 51 days and I've lost 10lbs so far. The problem is that I've been stuck at the same weight for like 3 weeks now. I haven't faltered in my diet at all.

I've been consistently in a calorific deficit and I can actually visibly see with my own two fucking eyes that I'm losing weight, but my scale number wont budge. I can't tell if I'm losing the weight and being gaslit by my scale or if I'm not losing weight and my mind is just pretending that I'm losing weight.

On the bright side I do feel quite good about myself and I think I'm looking well but christ there are only so many times I can tell my food diary application that I'm going nowhere before I start getting frustrated

Anonymous 12266

Have u tried exercising like even just going on long walks? that usually helps to lose/compress the extra weight ykwim

Anonymous 12270

I'm semi bed bound at the moment and have been instructed to minimize movement. I should have mentioned it in my post, but I'm the same anon from the abscess surgery thread here in /hb/, I can't really exercise without getting sweat in my wound since it would raise the risk of infection.

That being said, my caloric requirements are set to lose weight while sedentary, so I thought perhaps the lack of exercise could be side stepped.

Anonymous 12271

have you tried a diet break? if you go to maintenance calories for a week and go back to a losing weight it may help

Anonymous 12272

That's what I've been considering since this morning. It seems like the best idea to me really, actually I think that's really the only way to break a plateau

Anonymous 12279

You can break a plateau in other ways, but they're way more extreme and this is generally the first thing you start with

Anonymous 12280

Damn abscess anon you are everywhere. How I deal with plateaus is just stop weighing myself for a week or so. It drives me batty not seeing that number budge despite knowing plateaus are real.

Anonymous 12281

I post around maybe 3 or 4 times a day haha. I weigh myself on Fridays, planning to start busting out some A list splurge meals for the next 7 days. I have mac n cheese on my mind, gonna blow the bollox out of my recent clear skin days by just ruining myself with dairy

Anonymous 12329

This. Increase your cut. Less cals.

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