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Anonymous 12283

Do you apply sunscreen everyday? I read it's something we should do, but even in days I don't leave my house?
I thought about starting because my mother does it and her skin looks great for her age, but she uses other products too, so I don't know if sunscreen has anything to do with it.

Anonymous 12286

do you guys use chemical sunscreen or mineral sunscreen? it's so tough, so tough to keep it on for me. it feels so gross. i refuse to use chemical and instead opt for mineral but both feel absolutely gross to me. i also struggle with lotions and oils, but sunscreen is extremely difficult. i instead wear large hats and long sleeves with upf 50 everywhere i go. if i'm going to a wildlife preserve or something similar, i will wear sunscreen, though.

Anonymous 12291


I use mineral sunscreen. And yes, sunscreen is probably the biggest reason your mom looks good at her age, especially if she's fair skinned. UV damage causes more wrinkles and damage than anything else, if you're a non-smoker. Picrel is a truck driver. You can clearly see the difference between the side of his face which faced the window and the side which faced shade.

Anonymous 12294

My absolute favourite is 'Reinmann P20' in SPF-50 (overkill, especially where I live kek)
Really reliable, not too pricey since one spray-bottle lasts so long, great application, and I love how it makes my skin look all day
I never thought I'd be the kind of person that raves about suncreen, yet here we are. Its a really, really good one.
(uvb + uva broad spectrum, of course)
Leaves no weird colour cast cast or residue but if you're exceptionally oily all-over your body, I would suggest elave's high protection sunscreen as an alternative that also leaves skin looking fab. (other than preventing skin cancer and obvious anti-aging, how skin looks and feels for the rest of the day matters most to me)

Anonymous 12295


samefag, forgot to attach this bad boy

Anonymous 12383

the sun is horrible for your skin, but sunscreen is too bothersome. i dress like a muslim when i go out. i swim in a swim hoodie and yoga pants, and always wear long sleeves with a hood or hat. the golden ideal is a hoodie over top of a baseball cap with extended bill. nothing gives better coverage. zero sun. my skin is wonderful. for dates i have a nice sun hat and wear a dress, tights, and a cardigan. no skin exposure, still look feminine.

Anonymous 12406

>even in days I don't leave my house?

this question makes me laugh. are you exposed to sunlight when you're indoors? yes? then you should be wearing sunscreen.

Anonymous 12411

>what are curtains

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