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Jaw surgery Anonymous 12337

Is it worth it or not?

Anonymous 12340

>is it worth it or not?
that depends on you alone. imo only people who are superficial would do something like this. However we live in a world where people are shamed for their bodies 24/7 by madison ave and holly wood, so i can empathize with why someone would want to.

Anonymous 12349

if there are functional issues, absolutely, imo.

Anonymous 12352

Is this a buy one get one free for the jaw + nose? Lol.

Some under/overbite issues can be corrected with braces, because your jaw will rest differently if your teeth are aligned differently. A painful long term process but straight teeth are a better investment than surgeries to change the outside of your face.

Anonymous 12353

yes, they separate the upper jaw from the rest of the face and move it back which moves the cartilage in the nose back as well

Anonymous 12366


It really doesn't change it like in OP's pic. That girl def had a nose job apat from jaw surgery.

I wouldn't try surgery if I can get good results with safer less invasive methods like brices like this anon said >>12352 .

Anonymous 12373


pls look up mewing,
tl:dr, with proper placement you can create better muscle structures to pull your jaw into the right place.
you place your tongue at the top inside of the back of your front teeth.

it takes awhile, but will work.

Anonymous 12382

wow. i dodged a bullet. when i was a kid my n-mom had munchhausens by proxy and put me on "hay fever" medication i didn't need. after that i had a permanently stuffy nose and became a mouthbreather. but it was embarrassing so i threw away the medicine, and the problem cleared up. been a nose breather ever since.

it's unbelievable how many ways your parents can completely screw you over for life.

Anonymous 12402

Jaws can also be too large. A weak jaw doesn't look good on anyone, male or female.

Anonymous 12428

NTA, but an underdeveloped jaw leads to crooked teeth, facial asymmetry, and double chin. All of those things look gross regardless of sex.
Having thin arms isn't a good comparison.

Anonymous 12432

Being malformed doesn't look good on anyone.

Anonymous 12452

She looks pretty overall, but she does clearly did have a bit of double chin if you look at her from the profile view before surgery, despite being at a healthy weight. We also can't see her teeth, but it's safe to assume they were crooked or had a messed up bite before surgery. Those specific features aren't attractive, though the rest of her appearance is.

Anonymous 12453


Maybe I found the wrong person on Google, but I don't think she has a remotely weak jawline, especially compared to the girl in the OP pic.

Anonymous 12454

People are just so used to overfilled boxy instagram thot jaws that anyone who doesn’t have a minecraft tier head is deemed as weak jawed now

Anonymous 12536


paywalls are the only bad type of walls bc walls in general are pretty cool doe.

Anonymous 12545

>permanently damage your jaw
do you have any evidence of this? If not, I'm more inclined to believe that at best, it helps and at worst, it makes no difference and you're just scaremongering about it causing damage.

Anonymous 12554

>Your jawline is part of a complex machine. You can’t change it without affecting many other parts.
1. You're implying here that mewing, DOES, in fact, change your jaw. Meaning it doesn't do "nothing".
2. I agree that changing your jaw changes other things because your whole body is a complex machine, but that alone is not evidence that other parts are affected negatively. Personally, I've noticed I can breath better after mewing. That's a positive change.
For every anecdote that mewing made someone's face worse, there are many more anecdotes to prove that mewing improves your face. I fail to see why you're so quick to believe all these anecdotes, but see positive stories as "not real evidence".
If we're to take the anecdotes seriously, it's evident that mewing usually does something, not nothing. There probably is some risk (and there is plenty of risk in jaw surgeries and other orthodontic procedures, too), but it seems that mewing can also be helpful if done properly. And these risks seem relatively harmless compared to the complications that can result from more invasive and expensive orthodontic procedures.

Anonymous 12560

Did you even read my post? There's nothing wrong with your links, but they ARE just a bunch of anecdotes from reddit, the same type of evidence people use to support mewing. Seems like the science isn't quite out yet.

Anonymous 12567

Nta but you sound pretty stupid
>Oh I don't care about anyone in this thread fucking up their face, that's why I bother to go out of my way to post about how little I care.

Anonymous 12569

Okay, let me read
>Fuck up your jaw if you want idc

Anonymous 12570



Anonymous 12572

i want to get it because im insecure but its risky and i dont want to be fake. my jaw isnt that bad tbh but i wish it was more feminine. my chin is a bit long and i want my jaw to be shorter. and my gonial angle is too wide.

Anonymous 12610

I want it so bad mouth breather face is a curse. But too poor.

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