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Jfashion general Anonymous 1234

Any and all jfash is welcome. Post your inquiries, favorite styles/brands/whatever, advice, and anything related here.

Anonymous 1235

hime-kei/agejo gyaru here.

Anyone else into older gyaru styles? I completely immersed myself into the ultra-femininity of gyaru, hair nails makeup the works. I'm in love with styles from around 2010-2012. I've been buying up cheap second hand MA*RS, Golds Infinity, La Pafait and Yumetenbo like crazy. I feel like maybe it's getting out of hand, but I have the money and my BF knows the items are rare now since the style went out.

Does anyone else have this problem, being into a style that's not in fashion and having trouble finding clothes/accessories etc?

Anonymous 1236

I wear Lolita and Otome fashion.

I always admired the older Gyaru styles from afar. Never wore them though because I was very bad at styling my hair and can't wear circle lenses.

Anonymous 1237

I wear lolita and mori kei. I like dolly kei even though no on wears it often.

I want to get into otome but I'm not sure how to go about it. It seems like something I could wear around older members in my family without raising a big fuss so I just want to try it out.

Anonymous 1238

otome has alot of the same basics as lolita so you'll find it's easy to get into if you know how to coord lolita well. it's just a really toned down fashion so the hardest thing is to grasp the difference it has from a casual lolita outfit, and not over coordinating.

Anonymous 1239

Does anyone wear or follow Larme? How you do feel now that the editor in chief has moved on to a normie magazine and western mainstream stores are pretty much on trend with the ~tumblr larme~ ideals?

Anonymous 1240


Dumping some larme styles that were too cute not to save.

Anonymous 1241


Anonymous 1242


Anonymous 1243


Anonymous 1244


Anonymous 1245


Anonymous 1246


Anonymous 1247


Anonymous 1248


Anonymous 1249


Anonymous 1250


Anonymous 1251


Anonymous 1252


Anonymous 1253


Anonymous 1254

I do. To be honest I haven't bought the last few issues, just looked at the scans and I feel like I'm stuck in the past because there aren't many new trends that interest me. I still love larme, but it feels like I'm wearing an old iteration of it.

Anonymous 1255


> Larme is LIFE.

I wouldn't worry too much about preferring older styles etc. Most of the larme models still reflect the older styles (feels weird to even call it older coz it's still very much a thing unlike shitty gyaru), and there's tons of cute Japanese girls dressing like PF style on instagram. You do you, but you're deffo not stuck in the past don't worry.

Monaca and Risa dress less larme at times but that seems to be for business reasons, you know?

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