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Anonymous 12356

I have eye eczema rn and my eyes are red, crusty, and flaky. I'm using a moisturizer and I don't wear makeup, do y'all have any other tips hehe

Anonymous 12361

>I have eye eczema rn and my eyes are red, crusty, and flaky
Um, wtf?? Go to a doctor asap I'm not kidding.

Anonymous 12362

I had the same thing as a result from pollen allergy. You should check with your doctor if you developed an allergy.
I got a medication and it went away very quickly.

Anonymous 12367

Just go see a dermatologist. Don't ask for tee hee tips when you've got something serious going on that you can't control. Eye eczema is horrific and I don't know why you'd be asking randos about it.

Anonymous 12380

I used to have this and found out I was allergic to fragrances in laundry detergent and fabric softener. I recommend using only fragrance-free products on your skin, hair, and clothing and see if it helps.
It could be some other allergy causing it as well, though, as other anons have said.

Anonymous 12381

i have blepharitis apparently but 80% in my right eye so these little fleshy zit things grow on the corners of my eyelid and scrape against my eyeball until i scratch them off with my nail (carefully to not scratch my own cornea) and the medicine doesnt do SHIT and all this fucking with my eye is giving me stabbing pains.\

human bodies are STUPID DISEASED MEAT SACKS fuck this shit i want to be a skeleton

Anonymous 12652

are they itchy too? Cerave cream and a paraffin wax ointment for skin conditions fixed this right up for me, though I have to apply these twice a day to stop it from coming back

Anonymous 12695

NTA, but as someone who's had eczema and other skin problems before AND seen doctors/derms about my problems, doctors can't always the underlying cause of something in every individual. It is sometimes helpful to ask others with the same condition what caused their problem to help you get to the root of yours, in addition to seeking medical advice.

Anonymous 13551

Do you use any kind of facial/acne perscribed medication? I found out that is what did the same to my eyes. I fixed it eventually with hydrocortisone

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