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I am sweaty Anonymous 12397

I don't know why I sweat so much, but it happens even when I'm not fatigued, it happens when I'm nervous, walking, I always sweat now. I am a healthy weight and don't have a disease so why am I SWEATY?? I don't want to sweat this much.

Do any other miners have this moist problem and know how to solve this? Been happening for two years.

Anonymous 12398

same thing
after weighing myself on a "smart scale" it turned out i was just skinny-fat (huge body fat percentage while having ideal BMI for my height), it all made sense

Anonymous 12401

not skinnyfat for sure, I've been on the grind since may 2020 so idk if i have ass cancer or something making me sweat so much

Anonymous 12405

What's your diet like? I have noticed that when my quality of diet goes down, I start to get more sweaty/oily.

Anonymous 12407

Sweating when nervous or anxious is normal. Sweating when walking around in the sun or hot weather is normal, too. Idk why you seem to think that you're only supposed to sweat when fatigued? Your body sweats to cool you off, fatigue has nothing to do with it. Also, some people sweat more than others. Genetics and hormones play a role. Wearing clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton can help because they absorb sweat and moisture plus keep you cooler.

Anonymous 12408

Hormone changes perhaps?
I sweat more at certain times of the month, but am also just a sweaty person in general. I lost a bit of weight and despite feeling colder in general, I still sweat too much.

Welcome to Sweat Club, anon. Sorry.

Maybe get blood work done just in case, though. Best to be safe.

Anonymous 12415

>>12408 That has to be it, hormones. I may get blood work done but I'm starting to think some of us are cursed to be sweaty. But I did find that drinking a litre of green tea a day makes it smell kind of fresh. Still sucks though, especially sweating when it's cold.
>>12405 pretty good im sure, no excess of anything but the occasional indulgence of honey but other than that healthy

Anonymous 12425

even if i am not sweating my underarms smell bad. i shower once or twice a day, keep shaved, even tried using rubbing alcohol on them daily plus deodorant. good diet, even stopped eating garlic and onions for months now. nothing works. i feel disgusting and am super self conscious. it's probably genetic because i'm mediterranean but i hate it and feel gross. 1 hr after a shower and they already stink.

Anonymous 12429

In my experience, consuming dairy products makes armpits stink, too. You could try avoiding those in addition to avoiding onions and garlic.
I've also noticed that consuming black coffee makes my armpits smell a bit like coffee, which makes them smell better imo.

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