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Anonymous 12479

What temperature do you shower at? I usually take scalding hot showers, but forgot to turn the heater on and took a cold shower today. Felt surprisingly good.

Anonymous 12480

During the winter I take hot showers and during summer cold to mild warm depends on how sweaty I am and if I just came back from work.
Which reminds me I got to take a nice cold shower now, it's so damn humid.

Anonymous 12481

Cold because it's broken and I'm too embarrassed by my slovenly hovel to let anyone come inside to fix it. I've got used to it now though.

Anonymous 12482

I should be getting cold showers because it's good for the skin, and doesn't dry it.. but warm is what I like.

Anonymous 12483

I start with as warm and I gradually make it colder as I shower. It gives me the psychological comfort of getting into a warm shower while having the hair/skin benefits of a cold shower. Also makes getting out of the shower in winter less miserable

Anonymous 12484

really warm if i just woke up, lukewarm to warmer than skin whenever else. i also noticed i make the temperature higher when im on my period

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