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Anavar cycle Anonymous 12533

I've been lifting for a year with minimal results and I want to try Anavar but I'm a little scared. If someone with experiene could answer a few questions that would be great. Is it safe? Are there any sides? How much do I need to take and for how lobg? How much muscle can I expect to build on it? Before/after pics would be appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous 12564

can't help you much but in this video derek talks about options with less side effects than anavar for muscle gain in females https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXadcMTYfkw&t=1619s

Anonymous 12579

Are you eating enough? Do you get enough protein?
I don't think anavar is worth the risk, anon.

Anonymous 12702

For a singular year?
What's your routine, what's your diet, your goals, anything?!

Hormones are not a shortcut, they don't make up for a shitty diet or lackluster training regiment. They are the final 10% to get 110%, they allow you to work harder and break through plateaus you thought were the end, they are the last touch to a perfect diet, an exceptional physique and a commitment you will have to bear the effects from for the rest of your life. You haven't even finished with your noobgains, you are years away in sheer terms of experience to even consider that step.

When you spent half a decade in the gym, when you are in your late 20s, then maybe, just maybe you can consider taking things that permanently alter your metabolism and endocrine balance.
If you don't know what the fuck you are doing you will only grow chesthair and get a clitdick.

Anonymous 12714

Too much fearmongering itt. Listen to me OP. On paper yes, ideally you'd have to first reach your peak natty physique before even considering hopping on PEDs. On the other hand, I still remember that summer after jr high when we got back to school and our cheerleading squad looked like they'd jut gotten oyt of Tony Stark's super soldier tank. Turns out our coach had pumped them full of who knows what over the summer to the point where the girls that worked the bottom of the pyramid were almost as big as some of the guys on the football ream. Point being, you can use responsibly without destroying your endocrine system. I'm on my phone now but I'll post pics so you can see what six weeks on 10mg did for me later. >>12702 is right though, your training and diet have to be on point.

Anonymous 12715

>Turns out our coach had pumped them full of who knows what over the summer
is that even legal?

Anonymous 12717


Back with pics as promised. 4'10 19yo. Keep in mind that I consumed upwards of 2500 calories a day and never missed a workout. I experienced no side effects at all, aside from the fact that none of my tops fit anymore.

Probably not, but a full trophy case was enough to make everyone forget about it.

Anonymous 12718

Those are incredible results. Do you have any measuring tape measurements of your legs/arms/waist/chest during this time?
Is var cycle good while cutting?

Anonymous 12725

>those anime delts
Holy crap, I'll have what she's having!

Anonymous 12727


wait the coach spike them with drugs?! none of the girls knew they were taking anavar?

Anonymous 12728

did you practice any sports in highschool?

Anonymous 12729

I don't compete or anything, I'm doing this for fun so I'm not crazy about measurements. The only measurements I kept track of were my shoulders and biceps because it was so exciting to see them grow so fast. Shoulders went from 12.5" to 16.5" (~18" with a pump) and bis went from 11" to 14.5" (~16" with a pump).

My favorite body part to train.

Coach told them it was "essential vitamins", but I refuse to believe that the girls didn't know something was up. I mean the school had to order new uniforms for the entire squad because they couldn't fit in the old ones ffs.

Nope. Too short for volleyball/basketball, too scrawny for lacrosse. I did exercise though.

Anonymous 12730

Var is great for cutting btw, but you have to be very careful if all you want is to cut. That stuff hits us way harder than it hits men when it comes to gains. Point being, you might get really buff accidentally. If you just want to cut, try 6 weeks on 5mg and MINIMAL TO ZERO upper body work. For example, I didn't train traps at all while on cycle but they blew up anyway.

Anonymous 12731

>Coach told them it was "essential vitamins"
oh my god that's awful! i'm actually inshock someone whould do that to minors

great body by the way, i'm reall jelly of your gains, those delts and ceps look incredible

Anonymous 12732

Wait, how did you find out what the dosage was? Did the coach tell you afterwards?

Anonymous 12733

can't tell if i want to be you or marry you

Anonymous 12734

Men will do anything for a trophy. The girls didn't complain at all btw, they loved it. I kept turbo bulking when I got off cycle so I'm not that lean anymore, but thanks.

What dosage? I don't know what or how much of it he gave them. I just wish he would have given me some too lol.

Thanks but I'm taken.

Anonymous 12735

> I'm taken.
men or woman?

Anonymous 12736

I have a bf.

Anonymous 12737

you're the most valuable miner. i bet no one can outmine you.

Anonymous 12738

would you date a guys weaker than you?

Anonymous 12739

That can't be healthy…

Anonymous 12742

Jfc girl you got swole.

Anonymous 12750

how much can you deadlift?

Anonymous 12831


This is the strongest and most winning (verified) all-natural female bodybuilder of all time, period: Nancy Andrews. Take a good look at her. You will get no bigger and no stronger than her without gear. But it will mess you up pretty bad, in the sense that it will change your body in ways that you can never recover from. But if strength is all you care about, then go for it. I doubt it will hurt you. But you won't recognize what you see in the mirror anymore.

Anonymous 12840


I want to inject L-carnatine and I'm trying to find a good dosage guide. Do you recommend a certain site for that kind of thing?

Anonymous 12861

10mg is a ridiculously large dose for women; it might even be a little high for some men on a first cycle, and explains your insanely rapid progress.
Women tend to require less var than men, and can probably get away with 1-2mg. If you find that it isn't enough, then you can increase to 5mg after a while.

Anonymous 12892

Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I cycled 20mg?

Anonymous 12905

You'd make really good gains, really quickly, and make a lot of moids seethe probably. Var is nice in that it has relatively few side effects compared to dbol, test or even some sarms, but at 20mg you might want to be careful in case of side effects.
I'd strongly recommend against it, but if you choose to do it, post results! It would probably be insane.

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