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Anonymous 12603

How can I be a cuter girl?
Should I start with my looks or personality first?
I'm a autistic, hairy, skinny-fat girl so I don't know where to start.

Anonymous 12604

Hairy girls are the patrician's choice

Anonymous 12605

>Should I start with my looks or personality first?
Start by working out regularly. It improves your looks and your personality at the same time by giving you muscle and endorphins.

Anonymous 12606

Tbh yeah, I barely do excersice. Any workouts you recomend?

Anonymous 12607

I like to search for HIIT workouts on youtube. They're difficult at first and you may need to pause and give yourself breaks frequently, but just know that's normal and keep pushing yourself. I find if I workout at least 20 minutes a day, I feel noticeably kinder and more sociable.

Anonymous 12608

Have you seen any results?
I'm 58kg and 1.53 m btw

Anonymous 12609

Since you are skinny fat you should do workouts that build muscle like lifting weights.

Anonymous 12611

I used to look skinny fat like you and now I have a flatter looking stomach and bigger booty from all the crunches and jump squats. Don't worry so much about your exact weight or measurements, burning belly fat and gaining muscle makes you look better, even if it makes you a bit heavier.

Anonymous 12616

Maybe you're already cute but haven't realised yet.

Anonymous 12617

Do you have any workouts you recommend?
Especific ones pls

Anonymous 12621

This one is good for slightly toning your whole body:

This one is good for getting a flatter stomach, specifically:

This one is slower and good for flexibility, which can help you look more graceful:

You can follow the youtube channels that uploaded those videos for more.

Anonymous 12632

Thank u ;;;;;
Do you follow any diets? I've heard they're a scam but maybe improving what I eat could help too
(I don't eat much trash, but I feel extremely guilty afterwards)

Anonymous 12636

Yeah, fad diets are a scam. Just avoid eating too many processed foods or too many animal products and you're good.
You can also try adding more fiber and antioxidant rich foods in your diet as well for nice skin. That means berries, spices, and whatever veggies you like.

Anonymous 12651

Just have a healthy diet (no fads, just choose healthier options and eat lots of veg), work out regularly and take care of yourself. Learning how to take care of your skin is always a good idea too

Anonymous 12689

anons, if you have gym access the cycle machine is IT. Low intensity, rlly good for ur joints (I have shit joints even though I'm young) and overall a great form of exercise. Also daily morning walks for like an hour before breakfast burns at your fat stores. I've seen better results doing this consistently than fucking up my whole body with high intensity workouts…. it'll burn you out so fast and then you'll just want to give up

Other than that make sure ur eating enough and drinking enough water. Oh and start with a light weight routine to build muscles! number on the scales DO NOT MATTER. people distribute weight differently and you might notice you're gaining weight but looking way better

Anonymous 12690

OP back from finals, sorry for letting the thread almost die
Thanks for yourd advice girls, I ate falafel yesterday (which was delicious) for lunch and tuna with rice for dinner. Not too bad but I know when I do the groceries, I'll pick the chips and chocolates first and eat those for weeks lol. Is going vegetarian/vegan a good option afterall?

Hello! I do not have access to a gym atm, however the daily run sounds good for starters, plus the reccomended videos by the other anon :)

Do any of you know any excercices to get rid of big breasts? I know they're mostly composed by fats but I've never seen anything related to minimizing your breast size lol
Do those exercises even exist?

Anonymous 12691

>Is going vegetarian/vegan a good option afterall?
Avoiding animal products is good, as most of them have been scientifically proven to cause heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other health problems.
Not all vegetarian/vegan food is automatically healthy, though. Chips, many candies, and most alcoholic beverages are vegan, and almost all desserts are vegetarian.
Stick to whole foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegatables, nuts, seeds, and beans. Season your food with salt, spices, vinegar to add flavor without making them unhealthy. Use sweet fruits such as ripe bananas as sweeteners when making deserts.

Anonymous 12696

Thank you anon, I'll try out new healthy desserts
I especially love banana bread

Anonymous 12699

Diet is important but being more attractive is like 50% body/health and 50% style, mannerisms, personality etc

Anonymous 12700

Don't kid yourself. It's 90% body (read: weight) 10% style. Any point against this is pure cope.

Anonymous 12703

NTA, I agree with you if we're talking physical attraction alone. However, personality, body language, and mannerisms go a lot farther in maintaining attraction and relationships than appearance does.

Anonymous 12724

I barely have style lol
My mom always fights with me because I wear the same things always (which are basically sweatpants with a random shirt)
I don't want a normie style but I do want to seem interesting or extravagant, but in a cool way
Maybe my sense of fashion is really NEET-like (althought I've never been a NEET myself)

Anonymous 12740

Anonymous 14106

Same here. I’m butch now, but I felt hideous when I were femme. I want to be femme again, but not feeling ugly.

Anonymous 14107

eh, I agree about the body but it is cope to act like being fit will make you cute and feminine by default.

Anonymous 14129

in your case, i'd dress like a butch but i wouldn't give up on being femenine!
to be honest I don't know much about dressing or makeup tips but there's so many youtube tutorials for that, and if you still feel ugly after following those tutorials maybe it's a self-steem problem
if that's the case, we are on the same boat

Anonymous 14130


there's a lot of feminine/pretty yet andro styles that y'all should try out. Some Japanese ones come across as super feminine while also being extremely lowkey.

unfortunately as someone with a very butch body I found trying to wear certain things (i.e., super girly sundresses) was always gonna feel forced and even if they made me feel good to put on, the way people treated me in them made me feel awkward and made me focus on my looks way more in a bad way. obviously fuck people for judging someone, but if you are insecure in general or vulnerable to what people think, maybe aim for harmony and then build up your confidence.

I found going for more relaxed styles way more flattering and, ironically, made me seem prettier.

Anonymous 14137

I totally relate to this.
I was watching a woman on youtube try on clothes and she seemed incredibly confident and put together, and I am none of those things. I see myself as someone with potential, but I am not well-groomed. I understand that most of youtube is just an illusion, but I see woman every day out-and-about who are put together and confident. I wish that I could have that confidence to just be myself and say things, and not be tightly strung. I have a dream of myself as a confident young woman who is not preoccupied with my anxiety or self-doubt.

Anonymous 14447

What andro japanese styles anon?
Pls share
Also, in my case I always feel really uncomfy when wearing femenine clothing. I don't dislike girly things is just that I feel weird and my body doesnt help much either
I sense men specially treating me better but I don't crave their attention anymore, and I know they do this because obvious reasons
Anon, same here. People always tell me
>you have so much potential
>you have a great bod, if you wore the appropiate clothing you'd be so hot
>confidence is what matters!

But honestly, I don't think its about confidence. For me thats just a typical phrase people tell you so you don't kill yourself over not having style or self steem.
I think some Stacies don't have the confidence however they know enough about beauty so they're desirable
So its basically knowledge, not self steem lol

Anonymous 14469


Then be well groomed. If you don't know where to start hair > skin care > clothes > makeup/brows > nails. Get the basics down with all of these so that you look well groomed, then pick ones to focus on more if you want.

NTA, but I think I know what she meant so I'll dump some inspo.

Anonymous 14470


Anonymous 14471


Anonymous 14472


Anonymous 14473


Anonymous 14474


Anonymous 14475


Anonymous 14476


If you're curvy and worried about baggy clothes making you look fat, try to make sure that your clothes are fitted at the waist as well either through the ribcage or the hips.

Anonymous 14477


Anonymous 15282

Thank you so much!!!

Here's an update about my life: I finally got a haircut and I feel really confident about it. Also I'm thinking of getting rid of my glasses, however I still have to learn how to dress myself properly.
How are you girls doing?

Anonymous 15284

>diet and exercise

Anonymous 15286

get covered in fluff from head to toe
you will be ultra kawai!

Anonymous 15287


I ended up dropping the ball after losing weight, it wasn't like anyone treated me different between being fit and being morbidly obese besides some girls complimenting me once in a while on my flattering sundresses and got lazy with my fashion.
I now just wear oversized cute t-shirts mostly with baggy tapered jeans and I'm feeling much more confident in them, but I'm looking to branch out.

Any suggestions for bottoms that are casual, loose but very fitted at the waist? I have accepted that I want to go full owl mode but wearing jeans all the time makes me feel ridiculous (I do have nice black pants for formal stuff).

Anonymous 15289

wide leg trousers?

Anonymous 15293


Mom jeans could be perfect for you

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