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Lolita fashion Anonymous 1264

Who else /cgl/ here?
Favorite substyle?
Favorite brands?
Favorite lolitas?

Anonymous 1265


I go on /cgl/ every now and then.

>favorite brand

I love btssb although I have more Angelic Pretty. I'm working on trying to fix that and find some cute indie brands while I'm at it.

>favorite substyle

Normally sweet but I love classic too.

>Favorite lolitas

Milkyfawn before she left.

Who all has checked out the Lolita magazine, Girlism out? With GLB out of production it's the only Lolita magazine in print now.

Anonymous 1266


Oh fuck yes
I'm still 2010 sweet
Kammie is my goddess

Anonymous 1267

Fuck, that's the era I was most active in and the best imho. It had the most innovation in the community (and the juiciest dramu before everyone went SJW).

Anonymous 1268

>Favorite substyle?

>Favorite brands?

AP is #1 but I haven't liked really anything they've released within the past year or so, save for Daydream Bed. I also like Qpot, Milk, and ETC, though those are more otome.

>Favorite lolitas?

Milkyfawn, Mint Kismet, Victorianme/Xiaoyu, kurumisaki0315, kinokobiubiubiu

Anonymous 1269

I remember I used to want to be a lolita but I don't have the frame nor look for it lmao

Anonymous 1270

BTSSB is my favorite. I only have pieces from them at the moment. I've been slowly collecting for a few years. Once I lose some more weight and buy a petticoat and proper blouse, I'm going to go to my first meetup! I've been interested in this fashion for almost 6 years now, and have yet to properly coord or join a community… kms.

Does anybody have recommendations for lolita bloggers/ youtubers to follow?

Anonymous 1271

RinRin Doll
Princess Fancypants

Anonymous 1272


Me too, those were the days. I kind of stopped wearing lolita for a while and when I returned everyone was SJW, old schol was a thing (which I like, I don't wear it but it's really pretty) and LJ was dead. It's just not the same with facebook.

I'm determined to wear it, now. I'm a poorfag without a job so it's going slow, but I won't give up. Just wish I didn't sell all my burando. Good thing is, back then I was too young, didn't have any sense of style and just threw my money at AP and hoped for the best, but now I know what I'm doing… I guess.

Anonymous 1273

I used to throw a lot of money at AP too but now I don't. Now they just seem kind of bland with a few good prints here and there.

I haven't had time to wear a lot of lolita recently so it's all sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again. I'm not giving up on the fashion, I'm just waiting for a time when I'm not exhausted and in the mood to dress up. Hopefully it will be soon because summer is just around the corner.

Anonymous 1274

I mostly buy second hand stuff so I'm not throwing money at them either. Hope you get back to lolita soon

Anonymous 1275

Lolita always looks awkward and lame to me, I thought it was super cool when I was like 12 though.

Anonymous 1276


>Who else /cgl/ here?
I hate cgl but I go there sometimes
>Favorite substyle?
gothic and sailor
>Favorite brands?
moitie, jane marple, victorian maiden
>Favorite lolitas?
bonbon malefique and tamielove

Anonymous 1277


It's not the only lolita magazine, Eternita is going to have a second volume soon I believe, and it's printed ,with tutorials/patterns. There's also going to be Jabberwocky, tough it looks like it'll be more about general alt fashion than lolita. But GLB was also about gothic and sometimes other alt fashions.

Anonymous 1278

Thanks anon! I had forgotten about Eternita. I might look at Jabberwocky if I can. I wish there were more magazines out there but Lolita is a niche fashion and putting them together is a lot of work. I recall an online lolita magazine plan somewhere but I think it was abandoned not long after.

Anonymous 1279

No need to post this

Where do you girls get your magazine scans?

Anonymous 1280


/cgl/ and tumblr mostly

https://emiiichan.blogspot.com/ was posting some for awhile

Anonymous 1281


I took a long break from /cgl/ but I've been using it a lot again recently. I missed it there.
>Favorite substyle?
Sweet. More specifically, old school sweet.

>Favorite brands?

BTSSB and Meta.

>Favorite lolitas?

I hadn't really thought much about this before, but I'll say Ophelia Moon. She is beyond amazing. Pic related.

I'm a NEET so I can't afford what I want to wear. But I cherish the few pieces of brand I've collected over the years. I look forward to getting a job and buying all the old school I can find! It wouldn't even be expensive, I'm just poor as fuck right now lmao.

Anonymous 1282

What are everyones thoughts on /cgl/ recently? I used to go religiously a few years ago but I've found the current crowd a bit annoying so I dont lurk as often

Anonymous 1283

I think it's just your average circlejerk now. They have a few issues with thread derailments stretching on to like 30 posts. It's got the standard nitpick threads but I guess that's just /cgl/ for ya.

I personally don't enjoy it as much as I used to either but I don't mind the Buy sell trade threads or threads where they post old school or anything similar. I just wish threads like "how old is too old to wear jfash/cosplay" didn't pop up all the time. /pol/ or /r9k/ posters pop up here and there but they're anywhere girls can be found.

Anonymous 1284

I still like /cgl/ more than lolcow.

Anonymous 1285

Same anon. I'd spend a week on /cgl/ rather than lolcow these days. /cgl/ is still full of salt but it's more comprehendable.

That aside, I finally have time to start incorporating lolita into my daily life again. I really missed it tbh. I feel much more at home and am happier.

Anonymous 1286

/cgl/ is a lot better now. It took me a while to get used to the new (now not so new) no-drama rules and I was on lolcow exclusively for a while, but I'm going there regularly again now.

And I'm starting to like it better too. The lack of tripfag circlejerk is marvellous.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 1287

Moved to >>>/cgl/25.

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