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Period is two weeks late Anonymous 12645

Title. It's never been this late before. I haven't had sex so I'm not worried about that. Should I just wait it out? Eat more pineapple?

Anonymous 12646

are you stressed? have you lost weight? are you exercising more than usual?
I went like 4 years without my period and was fine, it can increase your risk of osteoporosis long-term though

Anonymous 12647

I feel less stressed than I did the last few months, I haven't lost weight, and I go on the same few walks I always do. That's really interesting though, was it a hormone problem?

Anonymous 12648

Hmm okay, have you started/stopped any BC recently? Or changed your diet at all?
I'm not sure what caused it. I'd been on the pill for a while, then went off and lost some weight. So I'm not sure if the pill was messing with me or if it was the weight.

Anonymous 12649

I lost my period when I went off the pill* meant to add

Anonymous 12653

I've never used birth control. My diet is the same, not really healthy, not really unhealthy. That lines up with what my sister has said about BC though. Maybe I should go to my doctor

Anonymous 12655


Anonymous 12656


Naturia!!! It's my favorite archetype! What's this thread about again?

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