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Fat bitch hours, tips 2 lose weight Anonymous 12878

Tired of being over 200lbs. Anyone have any ACTUAL good advice for starving? I hate being light headed all the time, it makes it hard to drive n shit. Also any advice for stomach pain would be mint. Also no body positivity bs, I’m here for it for other people just not me thnx.

Anonymous 12881

>starvation mode

Anonymous 12883

"Starvation mode" is an extremely misleading term that people justify to use because of how they feel during dieting. In reality your basal metabolic rate does not change much when you restrict your calories.

>On average, the starvation response of the individuals after isolation was a 180 kCal reduction in daily total energy expenditure. 60 kCal of the starvation response was explained by a reduction in fat-free mass and fat mass. An additional 65 kCal was explained by a reduction in fidgeting. The remaining 55 kCal was statistically insignificant.

People believe "starvation mode" because initially when they start dieting their blood sugar level drops. This triggers the hunger response and feelings of lethargy. It is also necessary to diet because you have to eat less than your BMR so the body is forced to expend fat reserves. After awhile your body releases more glucagon which concerts fat to sugar and makes you lose weight.

It is a largely psychological, not philological, response.

Anonymous 12884

Eat one meal a day. Drink water the rest of the time. After you lose 20 Lbs, start exercising. Swimming in particular is easy on the joints.

Anonymous 12885

Protein has the highest satiation per calorie. Drink black coffee for breakfast, have one of those frozen healthy choice meals for lunch with a protein shake (skim milk and protein powder). Then just eat a meat+veg+starch combo at dinner in a modest portion. Brush your teeth or chew zero cal mint fum after eating to discourage snacking. Get on YouTube and type in "fitness blender 1000 calorie" and do one of those 3 days a week. That's how I lost almost 100lbs.

Anonymous 12886


start with small steps. Stop drinking soda & alcohol. Drinking lots of water will help with cravings. Stick to eating mostly meat and veggies, making eggs for breakfast is also good. Getting some exercise couldn't hurt too. If you're in couch potato mode I suggest starting with a 7 minute workout. Johnson & Johnson has a free app I like.

Anonymous 12887


this is where to start, OP. cut out clearly unhelpful foods/bevs.

I like intermittent fasting (eating between 12pm-8pm, otherwise only drinking water/tea/coffee/seltzer outside that time) as a way to prevent nighttime snacking and also to shave off some daily cals by not eating breakfast too.

Anonymous 12888

Hey anon, I lost 60 lbs! Here's my advice.
>gradually cut out bad, high-calorie foods (I called these my danger foods since they tempted me to overeat)
>replace sweet or salty cravings with healthier things to ease your taste buds into a healthier diet (eg. Raisins, bananas, air popped popcorn)
>start exercising by WALKING. I lift now but being able to walk miles and miles with ease is the best to start with if you have no baseline. Start small and build. Helps if you have a buddy, but music is also fine.
>choose your preferred exercise or else you won't stick with it. I hate running, but you may like it. All that matters is you'll enjoy it long-term
>BE PATIENT. Permanent changes take time, but it's far better than being stuck in the relapse cycle

Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 12889

I can't stop staring at this gif. I've already seen it a few times today but it still mesmerizes me.

Anonymous 12973

Make sure you still drink enough water and take multivitamins daily so you're only creating a calorie deficit, and not giving yourself micronutrient deficiencies as well. That should help with dizziness and other side effects. Also, make sure that after you lose the desired weight, you switch to a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise. No point in losing the weight just to go back to the bad habits that made you gain in the first place. That's just going to make you fat again.

Anonymous 12975

I'm too tired to read other anons' posts but the trick for me to lose some weight is to drink a lot more water. I always carried a water bottle or two with me in my bag and every time I had a craving I'd gulp down a couple mouthfuls of water, and if in 5 minutes I was still "hungry" I'd drink another couple of gulps, repeat until it works.

Don't starve yourself, it will end up with you developing some serious eating disorder, relapsing and binge eating food, or worse: death

Eat at least lunch and dinner, and don't skimp out on them, make sure you eat everything and that you eat healthy.

Jog too, if you feel comfortable with it. If not and you are self-conscious about your size just slowly trim some of the weight and when you feel comfortable go out and do a little jogging. I'm not obese by any means and it took me months to build up the courage, so don't feel bad if you take a little long, what matters is that you want to be better.

Anonymous 12978

fit woman.jpg

Lmao, rping skinnyfat /fit/ moid spotted. Keto is fucking retarded. It's 100% calories in/calories out, fad diets are a joke. If you stay around 1000 calories/day and supplement that with 3 days/week of exercise (ideally weight training), you will shed pounds. If you eat 2000 calories of bacon a day, you will stay fat.
Some excellent foods that are low-cal but will keep you feeling full:
>leafy greens like lettuce/spinach/kale, salads in general - avoid high cal dressings/toppings
>(low fat) cottage cheese
>(low fat, low sugar) yogurt/skyr/kefir
>lean meat (chicken breast, tuna, etc)
>canned fish, some low-cal canned soups
As a general rule, avoid fruit, nuts, grains, juice, and soda like the fucking plague, drink more water, and take multivitamins to get rid of cravings. Stop eating out and learn to cook for yourself. Find a local gym with compatible hours and go train there 3 days/week, I promise no one will judge/harass you. Good luck OP!
t. recovering fatty down 40 lbs

Anonymous 12983

I would say it's not 100% calories in/out, as if you get all your calories from junk food or take certain meds, that could mess up your hormones and increase your fat. But this anon is mostly correct. Keto and other fads are stupid, the foods she listed are better. You don't need to avoid all grains like she said, but definitely avoid processed grains. Stick to things like brown rice or oats (not instant oats though). You don't need to avoid fruit, either. There are many fruits, like berries, which are extremely low-calorie and rich in fiber and vitamins. Avoid dried fruits, fruit juice, and other processed fruit products.

Anonymous 12988


How to not be fat 101

Make sure you understand different nutrition vocabulary:
- Carbohydrate: Refers to all 'sugar containing molecules' like Fiber, Starches, Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, etc.
- Sugar: Added sugar (that white granular stuff) also known as monosaccharides and disaccharides. Common examples are Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose
- Fiber: Mostly indigestible sugar structures, makes you feel physically "Full" but not satisfied long term.
- Starch: Chain of sugar molecules, also called polysaccharides. The body will break it apart into monosaccharides as needed.

- Unsaturated Fat: Fat from plants, very healthy. Liquid at room temperature.
- Saturated Fat: Fat from animals, unhealthy in large quantities due to increasing cholesterol.
- Trans Fat: Cancer causing human made fat. Avoid eating it at all costs. trans fats btfo

- Protein: Collectively referring to the amount of amino acids in food. There are a bunch of different types of amino acid that humans use and not all food has all the amino acids in its protein.

Key things to know:

Body fat is primarily made from having more sugar in your bloodstream than your cells can use as energy. The excess is sent to fat cells where it is stored for later use.
Consuming carbohydrates in the form of monosaccharides (added sugar) will spike your blood sugar level because it is instantly absorbed. This leads to your body converting a lot of it to fat instead of burning it. Then you will feel hungry again within 30 minutes of eating and go eat more.
Consuming carbohydrates in the form of starch will not spike your blood sugar level as much. Starch is a 'CHAIN of monosaccharides' so your body will slowly break it apart as needed for energy and your blood sugar will remain at good levels. You will not feel super hungry again until all the starch is broken up.
NOT ALL STARCH IS THE SAME: The size of the starch chain determines how fast it spikes your blood sugar levels and if it leads to fat production. Processed grains like white flour or rice have short chains and are converted to monosaccharides very easily and are basically like eating table sugar. Whole grains are better because they have longer chains. But tubers like potatoes are the best starch in my opinion because they are packed with vitamins and their starch keeps you satisfied for a long time. Legumes are probably good too but I've never eaten much of them.
Fiber just fills you up which is great when mixed with a meal so you eat less calories overall. Eating fiber alone can lead to a calorie relapse later in the day and is a waste of chewing.
Carbohydrates altogether make you feel full by physically expanding your stomach. Sugary drinks are so bad because they don't expand your stomach at all, the sugar is fed straight to your bloodstream which spikes blood sugar and causes fat production.

Unsaturated Dietary fats aren't actually something to worry about, and as long as you stay away from an excess of saturated fats, you should be fine. Pan frying high protein and starchy food in olive oil can be extremely healthy. Dietary fats do make you feel "warm and sweaty" once you eat enough though so if you regularly feel that, you should lay off.

Protein is needed to build muscles, but more importantly it makes you feel full. Once there is enough protein rich food in your stomach, you will lose the urge to eat until all the protein is absorbed. Some days, I've only eaten 800 "calories" of grilled chicken but still felt stuffed because of all the protein to the point that looking at more food made me feel sick.

IMPORTANT: The body will only start to burn body fat ~8 hours after eating. The body will, however, go back to making fat even if you only eat as little as 4 grams of carbohydrates.

Lifestyle changes:

DO NOT BUY soda or flavored drinks. Tap water is gross, but stay hydrated. Buying gallons of water from the store in CLEAR (P E T) Plastic jugs is a good alternative. (P E T) plastic has the recycle symbol (1) and leaches the least amount of chemicals into the water. Distilled water is good for general drinking, BUT during fasting, you must drink mineralized water because you are not eating your electrolytes so you need extra.
DO NOT BUY snack food like cookies or chips. These don't make you feel satiated, they just make you hungrier so you eat more and get stuck in a cycle where you end up eating hundreds of calories.
DO NOT BUY candy. Eating candy is literally like taking fat and gluing it to yourself.

A lot of obesity is also caused by food releasing less dopamine, therefore needing to eat more to feel satisfied. Raising your average dopamine level is important to eat less or you will feel depressed. Find activities that are super interesting to the point that you'd rather do them than eat. For me it's painting or writing long ass essays on random topics while listening to music.

How to fast properly:


0. Stomach pain and light-headedness means you are starving, not fasting. During actual fasting your stomach might growl but it should not explicitly hurt. The difference between starving and fasting is based on blood sugar levels. During fasting, your blood sugar is actually stable because you're converting your fat to energy. When you are starving, your blood sugar is actually extremely low AKA hypoglycemia (look it up bud). If your stomach is sharply hurting for more than 15 minutes, that's a sign you should stop fasting for the day and eat healthily.

1. Right when you wake up, you are in "Fasting Mode". Do not eat or drink ANYTHING except water (with electrolytes) or your body will convert back to "Fat making mode" for 8 hours. Every hour you go from waking up until you eat your first thing will be hours actually burning body fats and not ones just starving. Again, even eating a single cookie or drinking a sugary coffee will take your body out of "Fasting Mode" for the day.

2. Your first meal should be in the afternoon or evening and should consist of something high protein, high fiber, and high starch with very little added sugar. Chicken and potatoes is very healthy if you make it from scratch/frozen in the oven. If you're really lazy you can also buy it from high quality fast food chains like chic-fil-a or culver's but be aware of the the higher cholesterol involved. (NOT Mcdonald's. They add a lot of monosaccharides, to their food to make it taste better, but that makes it wayyyy more fattening).
Apples are great with every meal.
Salads are good too. Alone they don't satisfy hunger long term so you end up eating more or dealing with hunger pain and not burning fat. They are also bland and salad dressing is full of added sugars.

3. Since you just ate a lot of protein, do some physical activity, go on walks, and get your heart pumping. Weights are good because the extra muscle they make burns a lot of calories and will increase the speed of fat burning during fasting.

4. Your next meal should be a few hours before bed and again be high fiber, starch, and protein. The key here is that you go to bed before you feel hungry for the third time in your day so you get good sleep and wake up in fasting mode for your next day. Whole grain pasta with garlic, basil, and oregano tomato sauce and Paremsean cheese is good.

The key here is you only eat twice per day, eat two large HIGH QUALITY meals, NO SNACKS IN BETWEEN, and fast in the morning. My main diet consists of Potatoes, chicken, whole grain rice, and eggs (as well as spices, tomatoes, olive oil, etc.) and I've kept an extremely fit body my entire life.

Cheating the system (Long term fasting):

0. I don't recommend this because it's extremely dangerous if done incorrectly, but there's nothing scientifically saying you have to eat daily. HOWEVER, if you EAT ANY food, the FASTING IS OVER FOR THAT DAY, and you MUST eat normally until the next or it does damage to your organs and you won't get good sleep.

1. Calculate your maximum healthy weight using your height on an online calculator, for this example I will use 5'6" which the healthy weight is ~140.

2. Long term fasting is an option for you if you are 50% overweight I.E. our 5'6" person being ~70 pounds overweight, 210 pounds total.

3. To long term fast, stock up on electrolytes. Normally you get enough electrolytes through food, but by long term fasting your only source is water. Since spring water doesn't actually have enough electrolytes alone, over the course of a couple days your electrolytes will be depleted and you will feel extremely ill.

4. Once you wake up, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING–EVEN A SMALL SNACK all day. Make sure to stay hydrated and make sure you are adding electrolytes to your water or drink the occasional zero calorie sports drinks.

5. Keep this up until you are within 150% of your healthy weight. Do not push it further because your body burns fat indiscriminately and the proportions you would achieve will not be very flattering. The last 50% of excess body weight should be lost through life style changes, exercise, and proper fasting to keep it off for good achieve an amazing body.

hope this helps someone c:

Anonymous 13006

You will not go into starvation mode, don't listen to this poster.
Eat 1000 calories a day if you want to lose very quickly, 1200 if you want to lose moderately. Since you're already very overweight, the pounds will come off quickly at first, and then you may plateau. But do not give up or think you are not making progress, just keep at the caloric deficit and you will get to your ideal weight.

Anonymous 13014

You gotta find what works best for you. I lost 17 kilos in the last year by eating around 1500 calories a day (not strictly measured, it's ok to eat out with friends sometimes or go over the limit, as long as you don't say "fuck it" and start eating everything in sight) and lifting weights 4-5 times a week. A moderate caloric deficit means you won't be hungry all the time (esp. if you fill up on veggies) and working out gives you control over how your weight distributes itself. It's also a good way to avoid sagging skin from losing weight too fast.

Anonymous 13019

Yes, but certain eating habits can decrease the bioavailability of the calories you take in.

Anonymous 13030

shouldnt you exercise before you eat so you burn more calories while eating?
thanks for the tips. going to lose 20 lbs with your technique. i hate lifting weights, ill skip that

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