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Anonymous 12920

Does it bother anyone else how fat positive the radfem movement is/can be?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not caring what moids find attractive, but being fat or worse, obese is objectively unhealthy. I know moids say this as an excuse to insult fat women but moids use anything as an excuse to insult women, so yeah.

And when you bring it up they just go full libfem mode like "Not your body not your business" etc. and saying you can be overweight and healthy (even if you specifically state that being fat/obese is unhealthy, not just having a bmi of 25). Or that women should live not thinking about looking hot.

I just don't get it. Why is being fat suddenly acceptable now and if you're saying it's unhealthy you just want women to submit to beauty standards, but being underweight is a sign of a life threatening mental illness as a result of being surrounded with unachievable beauty standards?

Anonymous 12924

I gained like 60 lbs and i got big butt and boobs now (also belly though, which is kinda bad but whatever)
Being fat is still not acceptable mostly for your health and also because a sedentary lifestyle doesn't do any good, you need some movement every day

Anonymous 12928

A lot of the women are unironically envious of slimmer girls so they projected their anger and jealously into their ideology.

Anonymous 12930

Radfem? Fat positivity is mostly a libfem thing. Radfems don't think our worth is defined by our bodies and acknowledge how misogyny affects our perception of weight etc, but I almost never see posts or rhetoric about it. I think it's very low on the list of feminist issues that radfems care about.

Anonymous 12931

Yeah it pisses me off. The most effective way to prevent yourself from objectifying your own body is by taking care of it so it may serve it's purpose effectively. You're body is a machine, not an art piece for men to look at.


Anonymous 12933

I would consider myself radfem and I would agree with this, the argument that I would follow is men's regard for woman's health is just a thin veil in which they try to mask their enforcement of their beauty standards thats not to say that people or women are equally healthy at all weight groups but rather that they are all deserving of the same freedom of men's gazeful judgement.

Anonymous 13004

I've been in a couple of radfem spaces, and they all say they think being fat is gross and unhealthy and HAES is a load of shit. Maybe it depends on the community

Anonymous 13005

She's fat. Most definitely overweight.

Anonymous 13028

If by "chubby" you mean slightly fat rather than morbidly obese, than sure. There are definitely people who look far worse than her. But she does look like she has an unhealthy amount of fat, just based on how much of a muffin-top she has.
I, like others in this thread, have never seen radfems excuse obesity. It seems like just a libfem thing to me. And I agree that obesity is bad because it's unhealthy. What moids find hot has nothing to do with it. If anything, the libfems seem to focus on what moids jack off to by dressing up fat girls in porn-star like clothes and makeup for their "body positive" advertisements. The message is always "your health doesn't matter, fat people can still look 'beautiful' aka hot to men".

Anonymous 13031

I don't think it's a common occurence, but every time I mentioned that being fat is unhealthy people were quick to assume I was saying that because being fat is unattractive to men, and that other women's bodies are not my business. i should also mentioned that this happened in a radfem space specific to my country, but it's not extremely underground or anything.

Anonymous 13042

Are you talking about the HAES type of fats OP? Those are usually not very well received in raddem circles from what I've seen and they're almost always identity-obsessed libfems anyway.
However, some things in your post lead me to think you're misunderstanding the radfem movement.
>Why is being fat suddenly acceptable now
>if you're saying it's unhealthy you just want women to submit to beauty standards, but being underweight is a sign of a life threatening mental illness
It's not that being fat is healthy or acceptable, but that has nothing to do with radical feminism. Radical feminism is about feminism only. Whether being fat is healthy or not is totally irrelevant for its purposes so I don't see how you'd expect there to be some radfem stigma against fatties (or against smokers or drug users for that matter, since those are equally unhealthy things). Radfems are more critical of extreme thinness and eds because extreme thinness was pushed as the ideal on women for a long time and plays into the whole view of women as weak, fragile sickly beings. We have to admit that much of the concern for the "health" of fatties is actually disgust at their unattractiveness.

Anonymous 13043

I think the whole body positive movement went too far into the "EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in their own way :))))" instead of going more for a "Hey, maybe we care a liiiittle too much about physical appearance and not enough about every other thing that a person consists of" direction.

Idk, trying to enforce beauty standards like they do just seems like missing the point of it all, which is a woman's value being majorly determined by her appearance. Instead of trying to refocus how women are valued, they just try and shove everyone in the already toxic system just so they can feel good about themselves, without bringing any real systematic change.
Just bums me out when these things go in contradictory and egotistical directions instead of actually working towards change :[

Anonymous 13045

fat positivity is libfem BS. i always see radfems advocating for body neutrality. who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

Anonymous 13046

>who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

that's such an american thing to say.

ever thought about countries where citizens are obliged to give away a part of their income to social security. a part of the ones who rely on the social security system are, guess what, the unhealthy. so in those countries another ones health really matters.

do you wanna pay someone for killing themselves by being fat?

from an economic perspective: this is very inefficient: the money could've gone to a more productive investment than some fat person who could've been healthy if they cared
and from a social perspective: yeah, believe it or not, but there are people who truly care about other peoples (familie or strangers) health

i really hate that 'freedom, do whatever you want' mentality so much. it's egoistic and selfish and i'm not here for it

Anonymous 13047

Im op, I specified in this post

Anonymous 13048

Is that body neutrality? i thought body neutrality means you don't have to be beautiful or attractive etc. all that matters is your health and physical/mental functioning.

>who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

>>13046 I agree. Fat families often raise fat children and even animals which I believe is abuse since they didn't choose to have snowballing health issues.

Anonymous 13049

If a lot of the population is getting fat then it starts to spread poor health as it becomes normalized, it isn't isolated to individuals. Aside from influencing children/animals like >>13048 brought up, it affects the standards for everyday objects and foods. It isn't good for most foods to be loaded with nasty things or for portions to be massive, and when that's most popular, a lot of people aren't even aware that what they're eating is awful for them because it's the standard. That can make it harder for people to be well-informed on their health or to access healthy food; a lot of poorer people have bad diets and thus bad health because unhealthy shit is cheap and accessible. People see those around them being unhealthy, so they assume it must be fine. Also I know this sounds like a humblebrag thing to bitch about but at a low-healthy weight, it's getting increasingly hard for me to find clothes that fit due to vanity sizing and it did impact my self-esteem

Anonymous 13066

This. And it's inaccurate to say that fat people kill themselves. Most of them claim they don't care if they get diabetes or whatever then in the same breath complain if they can't access meds for it. If they really didn't care about their health, they wouldn't care to medicate all the health problems they cause themselves. It doesn't just cost a lot of money to treat them, but it takes away resources from people who really need them due to genetic conditions and accidents. It's better for everyone if people would take care of their health and avoid illness when they can.

Anonymous 13109

No because I've never seen it. Literally anywhere this just seems like attempting to rip on radfeminism.

Anonymous 13110

But I don't know wtf it has to do with radfeminism.

Anonymous 14024

>I'm all for not caring what moids find attractive

lol yes you are.

Anonymous 14025

idk as someone who got super fit from being fat, I find the whole thing extremely frustrating.
Teaching women and girls to hate themselves and be neurotic about their bodies…
…is different than encouraging women to be healthy.

The problem with the anti-fat and body positivity movements is that they've become aggressive amalgamations that seem to pump up the reactions to one another in increasingly toxic ways.
Like for example many of the "b-but I just care about health" people's rhetoric holds hands with just straight-up shaming women's bodies and looks and the vicious neuroticism of this is counterproductive to the greater purpose. It's like they can't compute that instead of the intended purpose, they might be encouraging women to have eating disorders.
Likewise, the body positivity community often ends up just soaking up more ire which translates to them being increasingly sensitive to the littlest things–to the point where they have to fight about fat being healthy.

I think things would be better if stuff like sugar and low-quality fats (i.e., vegetable oils) were denounced and high-satiety foods were shilled more, and the "if the benefits of exercise were put in the pill it'd be the literal best drug in the world" rather than basically going straight to shitting on how women's bodies look.

Anonymous 14026

i don't doubt they exist but in my experience with radfem spaces, they're not "pro-fat" in a HAES way, but more like "you don't need to be skinny and attractive to moids to have value", which i think is consistent to their values.

Anonymous 14031

I'm not sure if I made this thread or not, it feels like I wrote it and I have no memory of doing so.
Radfems had a time over a year ago where they were supportive of fat posi like they're supportive of not shaving and were generally in favor of the body pos movement.
it's less acceptable now since these types of radfems got busy with BLM among other things but still many radfems are overweight themselves and would support body posi shit.

Anonymous 14033

How so?

Anonymous 14034

Never seen this in radfem spaces, if anything they tell you to go to the gym and lift weights as a source of empowerment

Anonymous 14038

hm, idk, like, where were you seeing this though? why are you so confident with saying this happened a lot in radfem spheres last year?
Like for example it's super rad femmy to say it doesn't matter. If there was a bit of positivity it was probably usual feminist overcompensation for the fact there's a lot of hostility from men cast at chubby or fat women.

I was on private radfem spaces around then and I didn't see it that much, if at all.

Anonymous 14055

Op, repeating this again. Didn't realize it's not common outside of radfem spaces I reside in

Anonymous 14064


I think there are way too many fattyfems and bonefems obsessed with each other's weight in radfem circles, just reproducing what's been taught to us to tear down each other. Some women are thin, some women are not. As long as you take care of yourself mentally and physically, this should not be a main point of radfem discussion. Your weight literally doesn't matter, as long as you're mostly healthy and can do things by yourself and have the energy to help other women. If you're just naturally very thin or chubby, i think there's nothing wrong with existing as your natural self.

That said, i hate the fat acceptance and HAES movement for being literally misinformation. It's almost as fucking annoying and full of copium as the bone rattlers. And i used to like HAES for being an incentive to start exercising no matter what you look like or your current weight, but now it's all about destroying yourself for clout.

Anonymous 14065

I agree, as a fattyfem that's currently losing weight I feel like what the mainstream body positive movement completely failed at was making it all about REEE I'M HEALTHY EVEN AT 600 LBS, instead of just "it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this".

It has made some fat positive/body positive spaces weirdly fucking toxic. I don't know if any other fellow fatties can relate, but especially as someone who has been on a weight loss journey, I've seen so much snark, jealousy, just plain rudeness, etc. thrown my way or other women's ways for doing this for ourselves. It's fucking weird and smells like projection of insecurity.

Anonymous 14069

>Your weight doesn't matter unless it does


Anonymous 14070

> "it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this".

Do people actually give out advice to random strangers or vicing your opinion on the internet is now "unneeded advice"?

Anonymous 14071

are you a neet or a man anon? strangers give their random opinion to women pretty frequently, though when it comes to weight I'd say more often than not your family tends to do it.

>inb4 your family just cares about you

yeah yeah yeah of course

Anonymous 14120

> though when it comes to weight I'd say more often than not your family tends to do it.

>"it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this"

Are you retard or a retard anon?

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