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Anonymous 13034

does anyone else here get UTIs all the time and they're so painful and they just won't go away

Anonymous 13035

Are you drinking enough water? I noticed I always get them if I'm dehydrated or if I hold in pee for a long time, don't know if that might help a little. Sorry you're going through this, UTIs suck

Anonymous 13036

Make sure you wash your hands and toys before and after you masturbate. And any guy you fuck should be clean too.
Could also be kidney stones.

Anonymous 13038

I got one a few months ago, but I only really had it for two days because I drank a shitload of water and went to the bathroom every time I felt the need - that helps flush out the bacteria I hear. Maybe that could help anon. Hope yours goes away eventually, they're annoying and embarrassing af

Anonymous 13039

Yes. Especially when I was younger. Drink cranberry juice, drink water, take a bath, and go to the doctor.

Anonymous 13062

Yes - get yourself some d-mannose. I take it at the first hint of a twinge and any time I do anything like bike or have sex. It doesn't stop or happening every time,but it definitely does stop it happening most times!

Anonymous 13065

Try a women's probiotic. The one I'm using right now is up4. it has 10 billion CFUs and doesnt need to be refrigerated. another one I get when I have more money is Garden of Life's women's probiotic which has 85 billion CFUs but needs to be kept refrigerated. ive seen doctors, been as hygienic as possible and changed my diet but nothing helped except for probiotics. they are also good for your immune system anonita, I cannot shill them enough they have saved me

Anonymous 16210

Just recovered from a UTI that evolved into pyelonephritis (kidney infection). It hurt like a bitch, I don't wish that on my worst enemies. Stay safe nonas.

Anonymous 16212

I’ve heard bacterial vaginosis can evolve into a full on pelvic inflammatory disease or womb infection and now I’m freaked out

Anonymous 16218

If you’re prone to UTIs you should NOT take baths as the dirty water from your body can enter your urethra easily. Always shower instead. You should also not use anything like bath bombs or scented bath additives or scented soap as these can cause irritation to the urethra and sometimes yeast infections too. Don’t use bar soaps as they gather dirt and bacteria grow on them. Use a fragrance free ph balanced wash with a pump bottle.

Anonymous 16220

Yes, almost always after sex. I got prescribed sulfamethoxazole tmp ds and take it every time right after sex and haven't had one since, ask ur doctor abt it

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