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alt fashion in a more subtle way Anonymous 13054

i want to dress in more alt style (especially punk/goth/egirl) but i don't want to go too extreme. what should i look for?

Anonymous 13060

casual goth fashio…

i'd search for things like 'casual goth fasion/style/clothes' etc
also look for information about how adult goths dress for work, it's usually more modest and not extreme

btw, i'd just go for the basic black clothes such as a tshirt (band tshirt, anime image, something alterative really) combined with a black skirt or (skinny) pants

add some alternative accessories or details that are typical for the style you wanna go for such as a tattoo choker or waist chain or heavy bracelets or whatever, big black boots

you'll look dark and alternative even when you don't overdo it

you can even add some white and still look alt if you add some darker make up

i'm not even alt anymore but i used to in highschool and that's how i did it basically

Anonymous 13061


Look up pastel goth! Some of the stuff is pretty but subtle.

Anonymous 13272

All this stuff looks super ugly and cheap and you'll out yourself as a poser

Anonymous 13277

A poser of what anon? This style was very common in 2007-2010 ish among young people who lacked in-depth knowledge about the source groups or money to get good brands so yes, it was cheap and poser-ish. But now this is a deliberate style, it's like kids want to look like what their older sisters looked but they do it on purpose.

Anonymous 13302


You answered your own question nonita

Anonymous 13305

>that pic
based, the OG goths are cool

Anonymous 13308

Lol this reminds me of the time I argued with some teenager online about what goth is and she got so offended she complained about me to her deviantart buddies numerous times

Anonymous 13314

Ancient goth hag.

Anonymous 13315

both pickme thots

Anonymous 13316

>any girl I don't like is a pickme

Anonymous 13330

Is pic related even alt anymore? It looks borderline mainstream to me, besides the thigh highs maybe.

Anonymous 13345

Teens growing up with social media and phones in their hands have made so many niche things mainstream. You'll still see more girls in mall clothing than anything else, but very few styles are truly "alt" anymore.

Anonymous 13351

It's tiktok's influence. It can be goth/alt/punk/metal if you want it to, labels and definitions don't matter anymore.

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