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Getting into sports as an adult? Anonymous 13073

Has anyone here gotten into a sport as an adult? How did it go?

I have 0 sports experience, never played sports as a kid, and the idea of joining a team/group/class sounds daunting.

Anonymous 13107

I would recommend weightlifting.
It's not as easy as most sports(get a trainer in the beginning) but generally if you have no experience in sports you don't have muscle to get into them.
And you won't really enjoy them if you are the worst.

Anonymous 13111

Weightlifting scares me because it’s male-dominated and I always here about people being judged for the way they do it.

Anonymous 13122

Find a women's gym and see if they offer any free consultations. Lots of gyms will give you a week long free pass.

Anonymous 13175

I want to do tennis but I'm waiting for the weather to get cooler. I am pretty sensitive to heat and all that. People scare me but I could just play tennis against myself by hitting the ball against the wall, that would be good enough.

Anonymous 13226

I never really did sports growing up, partially because I was like 'im a female and will never be the best, what's the point?' and put that time into academics instead. I've started weightlifting now like >>13107 suggested, and it's amazing. I've been at it for like 4 years, and I deadlift 235, squat 195, bench 100 lbs all for for sets of 5. You don't have to get that into it though. Weightlifting is good because it helps you build base strength and coordination so other athletic activities don't seem so insurmountable.

I just started a 'love to learn' tennis class for adults this past week! It's so hard, but I'm getting better. The ball always goes way farter than I intended. I have been practicing with a wall on days when I don't have the class. You can get a pretty good racket for like $100, I got the head ti.s6 or smth at dicks. There are cheaper ones too.

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