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Anonymous 13099

my bf keeps popping his zits. sometimes he even calls me to look at him squeeze out the pus and blood. he says i'm the weird one for not popping mine and just letting them dry by themselves. my questions are the following:
i. what does he mean by this?
ii. is he right?

Anonymous 13100

Let your pimples dry by themselves otherwise they will leave a mark which is pretty well known.
Also, others will grow in the same spot shortly after, but this is just something I noticed personally.

Anonymous 13101

Popping them just spreads the bacteria underneath the skin, worsening the problem and can cause scarring. Tell him to keep his paws off his face and tell him to buy pimple patches and benzoyl peroxide and enjoy a bf with improved skincondition

Anonymous 13102

It's pretty common to pop pimples. It's kinda weird to really enjoy looking at it that much but there's an entire r/popping subreddit, so evidently he's not alone
It isn't a good idea since it does leave scars, so it's better to go with your way. It's just a really common bad habit like biting nails

Anonymous 13105

Well, popping certainly doesn't help with his acne because it spreads bacteria all over the area.

But honestly though, I don't think it makes a huge difference in scarring from MY PERSPECTIVE.
I'm prone to hyperpigmented scars so I notice that the pimples I never touch end up with the similar scarring pattern as the ones I do squeeze. That is because most of the scarring comes from the inflamation itself and inflamation happens to any pimple.
I'm super sensitive to touch and the feeling of pressure below my skin from a really infected pimple drove me nuts so most of the time i'd pop those (and ironically sometimes
they healed faster once the pus was out). That's probably the reason why he picks at his pimples so much.

But at least get him to wash his hands before and after and to do it with q-tips or clean toilet paper wrapped around his fingers so he doesn't hurt himself more than necessary, and that he apply some cleaning agent such as benzoyl peroxide to kill some of the bacteria that came out with the fluid. Or don't, you're not his mom lol.

And remember that the only effective treatment to skin picking is to just not have anything to pick at

Anonymous 13106

I pop my own pimples and it doesn’t make a difference in scarring for me. In fact, if I don’t pop some of them, they will turn into full-blown deep cysts and possibly spread and create more cysts.

Anonymous 13643

I tried not popping pimples once and one of the pimples I didn't pop grew into the biggest and nastiest pimple I ever had and gave me an awful dark scar full of those little pits. After it popped, the stretched skin on the pimple remained loose and baggy for weeks, until it glued back into whatever is under it.
Amazingly, soon after a pimple just like it showed up on the other side of my face, and I didn't pop it, and the same thing happened again.

Anonymous 14203

I used to pop pimples on my ex bfs back. It hurt him alot but he liked it for some reason.

Anonymous 14289

>i. what does he mean by this?
it's "oddly satisfying"
>ii. is he right?
it is oddly satisfying but not good, leaves scars, and promotes the zit getting re-infected and having a worse pimple come up in the same spot

you're right, he should just leave them alone and maybe use a wash with benzoyl peroxide or something if he really has a problem with zits

Anonymous 14292

I check my face carefully daily and squeeze spots as soon as I notice them, then put on acne patches to get the rest out if needed. I don’t see the advantage of letting the spot get bigger and more painful when it is going to burst anyway. It could have healed in the time you let it grow. And earlier squeezing means a smaller hole to heal.

The only ones I leave are cysts from eating foods I’m allergic to and that’s only because they aren’t fully formed yet. Once the pus is fully formed after a day or so, then I can squeeze it and it goes away. If I try to squeeze before that, it doesn’t go away and is more likely to leave a scar from all the squeezing skin damage.

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