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Anonymous 13199

i finally bit the bullet that i am in fact never gonna look like an anime character and curled my straight bangs to the sides curtain bangs style, I am finally letting my bangs grow and keeping on the sides.
it looks more mature and fits my face better + i havent dealt with greasy bangs ever since i made the decision last week.
given a lot of miners are weebs and probably have straight bangs i highly reccomened trying curling them to the sides and seeing if it looks better.

Anonymous 13222


Since when do straight bangs = weeb? I don't want to go outside and assume anyone in my small town with straight bangs is a filthy weeb.

Anonymous 13224

I have straight bangs because straight bangs look good on me, not because I'm a filthy weeb.
I know because I attempted to keep a himecut going for me for a bit, but it just didn't work. Only the straight bangs looked good.

Anonymous 13239

Is a hime cut associated with being a weeb? I'm not that into anime and I've had one for years because I thought it suited me… It's a lot better now, but when I first got the cut years ago, I felt like my face looked bulbously round and that's what drew me to the style. It works really well because the bangs minimize my forehead, the side locks sharpen my face, and I still get to have long hair that I can put in ponytails/buns/braids/etc.

Anonymous 13250

Hime cut is solely a weeb thing. Sorry, anon.

Anonymous 13253


Do you really have a hime cut or something that looks closer to the second picture?

Anonymous 13254

Himecut is 100% a weeb thing.
My cheeks look better with my hair pulled back, so himecut actively working against me. Still look better with my forehead covered.

Anonymous 13255


Oops. I'll admit I've seen more anime than the average normie, but mostly stuff like Pokemon, Ghibli films, and misc stuff that friends wanted to watch, so I wouldn't call myself a true enthusiast. I do like jfashion though
I used to have it just like the left one but I didn't cut the side pieces again after they grew out, so they are now closer to the right one but not identical. Found this similar image where the side pieces are distinct but not completely blunt, and there is a small curve.
My bangs are straight and solid like the left but slightly curved to the side
To be completely honest I keep hearing people refer to anything with straight bangs + side locks + long back as "hime cut" and I'm not super sure how blunt it needs to be to qualify anymore

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