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ovulation cramps Anonymous 13373

i've been having gross cramps for what it seemed all month long, it wasn't sharp pain but rather dull mongering cramp similar to pms cramps for half , i was worried that i had something wrong with my uterus so i went to an obygn and i got checked but i was healthy and my obygn told me that it's normal ovulation cramping. i have to deal with ovulation cramps, pms cramps, and period cramps, i just can't catch a break can i?

Anonymous 13388

When say "checked" do you mean an ultrasound or just a visit with your obgyn? If the cramp feeling is on your right side it could be gallstones.

Anonymous 13389

visit and urine tests, the obygn refused to do more because she said i'm healthy and don't need it, the pain is in the lower abdomen and exactly in the center, happens around ovulation and i get other ovulation symptoms. i don't think it's too painful it's simply annoying.
worth noting that i choose a female obygn because i wanted to be taken seriously but she was very dismissive of me because i'm a virgin and in my 20s so she thinks i can't possibly have anything wrong.

Anonymous 13390

i did two urine tests and two blood tests. forgot to mention.

Anonymous 13393

Women can be even more dismissive of reproductive-related pain than men because their periods might not be so bad. I'd want an ultrasound for peace of mind–for example, the knowledge that I have a relatively large cyst, even though it's "normal" for women, helps take the edge off the anxiety I get when pain related to it flares.

Anonymous 13671

they say exercise and caffeine can help (as well as OTC pain meds like ibuprofen) but it never helped much with mine.
The only time I was free of cramps was when I went years with only 2 periods a year and I was on depo provera but that also made me gain an insane amount of weight and it was impossible to lose until I got off of depo.
I don't know, fren.

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