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plastic surgery Anonymous 13395

should i get a facelift at 29 years old?

Anonymous 13396

Anonymous 13397


why not? i don't look like pic. I'm droopy and tired looking with a naturally misaligned smile, nose and eyes. I literally have two different faces to the point where its noticeable. A goal would be to look 16 again honestly.

Anonymous 13398

Why are you asking then?

Anonymous 13399


how do i achieve this? is this unusually young? what other procedures could I do?

Anonymous 13400

You will never look 16 again and getting ps done at 29, especially exessive enough in an attempt to look 16 again, will only end up with you looking botched by time you're in your 40's

Anonymous 13410

absolutely not. you're being sold a lie. reject the notion that aging is a disgusting process and embrace getting older. they'll tell you they can make you look 18 again, but trying to look 18 forever is just a cope.
>about to turn 36

Anonymous 13411

Nobody talks about the fact that there is almost always an upkeep process, and you might have to choose between having a savings and having a normal looking face in the future.

Don’t do it, it’s probably just in your head. If you’re so worried about a natural process, pick up retinol and use it at night and morning. You should be wearing SPF EVERY day too.

Anonymous 13500

if your face has truly aged too much for someone at 29 years old, then go for it if you wanna look hotter. but make sure you actually go to a really reputable surgeon, along with having a healthy lifestyle & skin care routine

Anonymous 13626

Aging is a fundamentally disgusting process. Stop trying to redefine reality just to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous 13627

Why wouldn't you want to redefine words to your advantage? Isn't it advantageous?

Anonymous 13630

Either ways aging happens and going around and calling people disgusting over it makes you look more shallow than anything.

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