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plastic surgery Anonymous 13395

should i get a facelift at 29 years old?

Anonymous 13396

Anonymous 13397


why not? i don't look like pic. I'm droopy and tired looking with a naturally misaligned smile, nose and eyes. I literally have two different faces to the point where its noticeable. A goal would be to look 16 again honestly.

Anonymous 13398

Why are you asking then?

Anonymous 13399


how do i achieve this? is this unusually young? what other procedures could I do?

Anonymous 13400

You will never look 16 again and getting ps done at 29, especially exessive enough in an attempt to look 16 again, will only end up with you looking botched by time you're in your 40's

Anonymous 13410

absolutely not. you're being sold a lie. reject the notion that aging is a disgusting process and embrace getting older. they'll tell you they can make you look 18 again, but trying to look 18 forever is just a cope.
>about to turn 36

Anonymous 13411

Nobody talks about the fact that there is almost always an upkeep process, and you might have to choose between having a savings and having a normal looking face in the future.

Don’t do it, it’s probably just in your head. If you’re so worried about a natural process, pick up retinol and use it at night and morning. You should be wearing SPF EVERY day too.

Anonymous 13500

if your face has truly aged too much for someone at 29 years old, then go for it if you wanna look hotter. but make sure you actually go to a really reputable surgeon, along with having a healthy lifestyle & skin care routine

Anonymous 13626

Aging is a fundamentally disgusting process. Stop trying to redefine reality just to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous 13627

Why wouldn't you want to redefine words to your advantage? Isn't it advantageous?

Anonymous 13630

Either ways aging happens and going around and calling people disgusting over it makes you look more shallow than anything.

Anonymous 14569


Hey anons, i don’t have a double chin, but I have a rounded little fat pad under my jaw like this. Any anons know the best way to get rid of this? Was thinking of an injection called Kybella or liposuction?

Anonymous 14570

If your face is truly that bad a mask that covers it would be a cheaper and more effective strategy.


Jokes aside there's so much shit that can (and likely will) go wrong. An easy example is just a botched surgery. Maybe they just cut in the wrong places and lift too high or it's uneven. Maybe just a very unnatural expression when the face is at rest. Medically there's always risks of infections or bleeding or maybe scarring.

Another factor to consider is you may not be satisfied and still find yourself unattractive. Perhaps falling down a rabbit hole of surgeries chasing an unattainable image.

Then again it's also very likely everything will turn out just fine and you'll be good as gold afterwards. Maybe need a touch up 5 or so years down the road but that's fairly typical.

I personally think you should make some kind of pros vs cons that apply to you and then make your decision. If you do decide to get it done just make sure you get a very good doctor.

Best of luck to you either way!

Anonymous 14571

Fuck no

Anonymous 14572

Lose weight, get in shape, improve your posture

Anonymous 14573

I’m not overweight.

Anonymous 14583

It’s most likely your tongue posture, when your mouth is closed place your tongue completely flat against the roof of your mouth. Try doing it in front of a mirror
I believe the technique is called mewing?

Anonymous 14586

That's 100% what the technique is called, however I can't seem to find any strong photographic evidence that have actually works. Everything looks like misleading angles and photoshop. I do believe though if you keep working out those muscles the shape will change one way or another eventually lol.

Anonymous 14587

It does work but you need to be fitted with a mouth piece to do it properly. No one makes them though, they were only a few produces for a paper on it.

Anonymous 14588

For me I can see the change instantly when I do it, I looked around and this video demonstrates what I mean
I don’t know if I believe any of the claims that it can change your facial structure though.


Anonymous 14598

Has anyone here gotten a nose job? how much did it cost/what was the healing process like?

Anonymous 14601

I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as makeup, however last night I bought myself a lip exfoliator and some clear lip gloss to help seal it in. I have to say my lips have never felt better and they have never looked so good. Other than that I think the only thing I really bother with lately is just some mascara. Mostly I just focus on keeping my skin as healthy as I can with plenty of healthy moisturizers and vitamins. It's nice that I don't feel like I need makeup to go literally everywhere and can be mostly confident in my natural appearance.

But really though I do recommend the lip exfoliator if you always have dry or chapped lips.

Anonymous 14619

Your relationship with reality sounds healthy lol

Anonymous 15388

Has anyone had breast augmentation done? I lost a significant amount of weight and they've pancaked. Gaining weight doesn't seem to be filling them back up. They were the last to go but they're not gonna be the first to come back.

Anonymous 15411

read the justbreastimpants forum

Anonymous 15424

Maybe but don't over do things.

Anonymous 15856

Honestly, just do your research carefully. If you want to do it and can afford it (or have a proper financial plan to pay for it) then just do it.

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