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Anonymous 13455

Tomorrow I want to start eating healthy.

I don't want to do this with losing weight as my main goal (although I would like that, too). I just want to try to eat in a decently healthy and balanced way, drink enough water and ideally work out. No counting calories or weighing because I used to be an anachan and I don't want to take risks.

I will try to use this thread for accountability, and maybe post recipes or updates sometimes - anyone else who wants to do the same or just share and talk about healthy eating in general is welcome! (I hope this is okay, I was gonna post in the ED thread but that would kind of defeat the intention of this plan not being a disorder thing.)

Anonymous 13456

Good luck!!! I know eating healthy can be really difficult to balance for people who've had EDs before. Are there any resources/suggestions available for how best to manage without relapsing?

Anonymous 13457

I'm sure there are some, but I haven't found any so far that i found helpful. I feel like a lot of ED-specific advice/literature is written in a sort of infantilizing, weird way. So I'm just trying to kind of wing it. If you have any resources you would recommend I'd love to hear them though!

Anonymous 13515

Don't let your ED evolve into orthorexia, either. Also found out organ meats are vitamin bombs. Pig heart tastes good. I don't eat fish daily, just once a week, so I take omega 3 supplement oils.

Anonymous 13582

Alright, so week 1 has been going okay!
I've still had some overly processed foods here and there, and i ordered pizza with friends yesterday (I only ate until satiation and didn't just keep eating cause it's fun), but for the most part i've been cooking for myself instead of just snacking and have been trying to keep it balanced. Some of the meals/snacks I've hat that i liked the most:

>porridge with blueberries

>lamb's lettuce with homemade vinaigrette
>honey-teriyaki salmon with cauliflower rice
>guacamole on sourdough
>chili con carne (never knew this actually had such good macros lol)

I would say so far I'm more "eating healthy compared to what i ate like before" and less "eating healthy compared to the general public" but idk. Hope everyone is well!

I don't know if I could get myself to eat organ meats.. I might try it if I have some specific vitamin needs that I can't get otherwise. But generally I'd like to eat a bit less meat instead of more haha. Gotta read a bit more about supplements too, an omega 3 one would probably be good for me aswell. And yes, thank you for looking out! I don't think I'm a high risk for orthorexia but I will definitely keep an eye on it.

Anonymous 13593

I’m >>13456 . Glad to see you’re making progress. As far as resources I’m not sure because I’ve never had an ED, but I think “intuitive eating” may be a useful phrase because whenever I see someone explaining it as a concept I’m like …but that’s just normal eating. I guess they put a bit more thoughtfulness into it.

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