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Cut on face, help please Anonymous 13564

Hello, I accidentally got a cut on my cheek yesterday. I covered it up sloppily with foundation so it would be less visible at work, but it’s now the next day and it’s scabbed over and even worse looking :(

Does anyone know how I can cover it up on Monday when I have to go to work again, or even make it go away somehow? How long does a moderately shallow cut take to heal?

Anonymous 13565

How big is it?
could you cover it with a band-aid or face mask or is that work inappropriate somehow

Anonymous 13566

It’s about an inch long; I considered the mask idea but I’ve never worn one at my job before (since everyone is vaccinated, it’s not mandated) and people will ask questions. Band-aid…it’s a kinda professional environment, that might get weird looks, so I’m not sure what to do

Anonymous 13567

It happened to me once and the best thing I found was to cut a stretchy skin coloured bandaid to fit the length and width of the cut
It didint make it disappear but it was definitely better than having the cut completely visible or with concealer

Anonymous 13569

Why do you want to cover it up though? Are you emberassed you managed to cut your face? I say just leave it as is. I know from experience when I was younger I was always trying to cover scabs from acne up, it really only made things more ugly and accentuated. No one is going to be grossed out about a simple cut on your cheek.

Anonymous 13570


Hmm, I could use a bandage that I cut up so it’s small, that’s a good idea!

In an ideal world I wouldn’t care about people seeing it, but I got it in a very stupid embarrassing way and don’t want anyone to ask about that

Anonymous 13572

Wouldn't a bandage make it even more noticeable? The texture wouldn't blend in with your skin at all. I'd just make up a lie that isn't embarassing.

Anonymous 13573

First make sure the area is very moisturised to avoid cracking. Then you need a thick creamy concealer like Benefit’s Boing in the round pot or Mac’s Studio Finish concealer in the round pot. Get a lip brush and carefully paint it on in small amounts. Blend the edges into your foundation.

Should mostly heal in about a week, depending on the size and that you don’t pick it.

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