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inflation over tim…

Anonymous 13739

Is it true that when I get to my mind thirties I'm gonna start fattening up no matter how much I control my dieting or keep exercising? Or are the older women at work just filling my head with BS because -they- got fat in their thirties?

Anonymous 13740

I mean, I'm not 30 yet but it's probably BS coming from insecure women. It's harder to keep weight off after you've had children but if you stick to a good diet right now and get plenty of exercise (especially strength training) you'll be fine.

Anonymous 13741

As you age i>>111112
s inevitable that we hold more likely to hold fat and make harder to burn it, because the body is not anymore on a development/growth spur and will pass the "prime age"(until 35-40) and stead going to the "decline age"(40+).

However is complete bullshit that you will 100% get fat by the 30 or 40.

There are 2 main factors.
- You treated your bodily poorly when you are young, you eat alot of shit food, bad sleeping habits, didn't exercise, etc… And at time because you are young it was able to compesate. However getting older people keep their previous habits and by then the bodily can't take it.
- You shift your priorities from keeping in shape to something else, maybe when you started working(or work for soo long) you get too tired and lose the motivation to keep your body in shape or slowly allow small "rewards" that slowly build up fat and destroy any muscle gains, like eating that pizza despise being on diet or just doing half the set when you are on the gym.

In the end, it will be harder to keep in shape, but is mostly about how much effort you are willing to put and if you are still young you should keep a better care for your body.>>111112

Anonymous 13742

No, girl ignore them. Where do you live? I know more thin/average women than fat women in their thirties, if that helps. I hate to say this but, source: I'm dumb anachan so I definitely take note of who's gaining/loosing in my local rural area. Cities definitely have more overweight people in the northern hemisphere. This feels like the most shameful post I've made kek but rest assured I don't think you will spontaneously robust

Anonymous 13743

I think there's ways of keeping it off, I think it's kind of copey that most women say the weight packs on overtime. But I do suspect there's more to it than "calorie in and calorie out". And also I don't think everyone's body is the same and I think having more muscle is super helpful and I think just doing cardio is a mistake.

Anonymous 13744

No, I'm 35 and I lose it really quickly when I diet. Then again I don't have kids and will NEVER want them.

Anonymous 13755

Of course not you dummy. Think about it, if you're dieting (aka taking in less energy than your body needs to function) but you're not losing any weight, what does it run on then? Your body doesn't run on air or magically on nothing while maintaining all of it's fat storages.

Anonymous 13756


I don't think so. My mom weighs less than me, she's pretty skinny (not underweight). She doesn't like it though and wants to gain weight.

If you really want to make sure you don't gain weight count calories and don't have kids, because pregnancy and childbirth are like russian roulette for your health (this includes mental health.

This way you most likely won't gain weight up until your menopause, but at that point you should not care about that already.

Anonymous 13762

It’s definitely bullshit. These women gain weight because they stop working on themselves. Literally watch exercise and what you eat and you will be fine. It’s only post menopause where it gets harder to control weight (hormones). Even then, anything more than 15 pounds at this stage is really your fault. I think every single developed country the average calories consumed is 3000 a day. Just don’t overeat

Anonymous 13763

This is still half a bad talking point though.
Women are categorically blamed and harassed when they look bad. Even if a woman just aged badly she will be blamed over it.

Massive amounts of middle aged women work on themselves but won't look half as good as a random 20 year old that does nothing.

Anonymous 13764

And even if a woman over 30 is skinny she's much less attractive than a girl in her 20s that is chubby, at least according to men.

I'm not really surprised weight gain happens because either ways she's not going to be that attractive to moids.

Anonymous 13765

Can anons stop making everything about looking good for moids for a second please, OP didn't even mention that at all. Forget about being skinny for your own pleasure and not fattening up for your own health, it's all about looking good for moids right?

Anonymous 13766

While I believe in disengaging from men I doubt most here have done so.

Women work on themselves on ways other than looks. But >>13762 acts like these women basically dropped the ball and no longer care for themselves. Look, weight/health matters though it's half emphasized for women because people, especially men, value them more when they're skinnier

Anonymous 13767

what happens as soon as you turn 30 that changes your look dramatically? if you care for your skin and don't smoke, drink or starve yourself you'll look very similar, most women in their 30s can easily pass for someone in their 20s

I blame the amount of movies using women in their 20s to 30s to play teenagers and college students

Anonymous 13768

Is this supposed to sell us something? She went from annoying pickme cakeface to thicc MILF

Anonymous 13772

Tbh this seems like more "you're at fault if you look bad."

Anonymous 13773

how 'bout pics of your hot moid ass kissing another hot moid ass or gtfo

Anonymous 13774

I'm a girl. I just go by basic observation and statistics/research.

Pretty much the only sustainable option is caring less about validation from men instead of aggressively pretending looks last forever. And that's hard.

Anonymous 13779

nayrt, but this is true for a lot of people. A lot of people start aging more aggressively because they don't take care of themselves. No sunscreen, no exercise, eating whatever they want, smoking, drinking, etc. It all catches up to you eventually.

Anonymous 13836

>But I do suspect there's more to it than "calorie in and calorie out".
This. CICO is way too simplistic. According to CICO you can just eat 1000 (or whatever number) calories of pure sugar and lose weight. That's not going to work because you need nutrients and to feel your stomach is full. You are going to feel awful and have mad cravings. People on reddit do CICO saying they are having pizza and beer only and while it might work for a while, it's not sustainable long term. You need to completely change your diet to a healthy one that you can maintain once your extra weight is gone /rant

Anonymous 13839

Fuck off, have self accountability. Stop whining about your own insecurities and projecting it into your non-sensical argument. When the average American is eating more than 3600 calories days it is definitely their fault for the weight gain over time. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with yourself.

Anonymous 13842

There are some situations where things like weight gain, acne, etc CAN be out of control for some people or extremely hard to control but on average people who age poorly especially when they're only in their 30s it's almost always their fault

Anonymous 13848


I definitely think this is interesting because the picrel for the thread, the woman looks significantly healthier in the 2020. Obviously she probably could benefit from losing 20 pounds but she definitely looks like an anachan in the 2012 ver.

There are clearly a lot of women on CC that have eating disorders/body image issues so that certainly skews the answer lol.

I think that you are bound to gain some weight (healthily) as you settle into life. Regardless of having children or not (obvi that'll do some serious damage to a woman's body) when you become more comfortable in routine, either with a partner or in a comfortable living situation it's inevitable that you'll gain some weight. It's absolutely unrealistic to expect to keep your lithe teenager body, just like moids leaving their gangly teen bodies behind as they hit their late 20's.

Society, globally, puts immense sexualization's on what is essentially an average CHILD'S BODY. Bony arms, collarbones you can grab onto, and bobble heads with big eyes on a tiny frame. That is not something that is maintainable as you know, most people's bodies grow and mature. Your frame filling out naturally, if you are eating healthy and exercising some, is not "getting fat" unless you really pack on the pounds due to health issues.

Could you imagine if society sexualized the gangly bony bodies of 16 year old boys? Men would be lamenting about beefing up and filling out like women do about "getting fat" in their 30's. They would resent their thicker limbs and broader shoulders, wondering where they "went wrong" with their lifestyles to lose their bony bodies. Bizarre.

(Picrel: the ideal 30+ adult man if we held them to the same standards of keeping teen bodies forever like we do women.)

Anonymous 13849

she doesn't look anachan but no one seems to acknowledge how much happier and classier she looks. She definitely had a glow up despite the weight gain

Anonymous 13851

This is true. It always good when women move away from phases like anime style stuff. Feel like the anon you were replying to is a definite troll comparing her to a child. Way to tear women down.

Anonymous 13856

It isn't that it isn't like I'm disagreeing with the point that people should lose weight and etc. I was correcting the other anon implying the only way women can take care of themselves or work on themselves is their weight (which argue as you may is moid-centric to value over all else) is weird. It wasn't an argument against encouraging people to lose weight, but how it's framed as being a moral and character failing of a woman–which I disagree with.

Also, I'm fit and workout so…ok, clearly I am literally Jabba the Hutt infiltrating CC and trying to make y'all fat to make myself feel better.

Anonymous 13858

But "mostly" isn't even true. Much of it is out of control or involves spending a lot of money (which disportionately hurts lower-income women). Moreover, the "white people age like shit" meme…which isn't that white people work on themselves less but just tend to be harder hit by aging.
Skin structure..bone structure…facial fat content…it varies immensely.

I agree that someone will age better if they take care of themselves but my point will always be that people really hate aging women, and that people are constantly looking for reasons to blame them for being unappealing. The zoomer "haha, evil people age LIKE SHIT!" joke is already so unbelievably toxic and I'm surprised it even caught on and it seems like an optimized way of categorically making any woman that ages in any nonperfect way with any wrinkles feel ashamed.

But I get it. The multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry just wants people look fresh and healthy…because it's the right thing, isn't it?

Anonymous 13860

Not really, no. Your metabolism might slow down a tad but you're not going to get huge without putting in the calories. Pregnancies and lifestyle might also have to do with it.
So no, unless you get some thyroid problem you won't blow up suddenly.

Anonymous 13930

Your BMR gets lower as you age and a lot of people don't adjust their diets/activity to match this.

Anonymous 13942

>Is this supposed to sell us something? She went from annoying pickme
>calls woman a porn term

Anonymous 13967


Do you live under a rock? We're on CC who the hell cares. Most normie non-pickme women have used porn terms in informal settings when joking around or saying light hearted things. Do you even have female friends?

Anonymous 13973

Why yes you can seethe harder and reply "w-who cares" when people point out your silly hypocrisy. And yes, I do have female friends but 1. She doesn't speak english 2. i do, but it's not my native language, we're from the same country) 3. She doesn't have the type of humor to use porn terms as a joke and it's just overall uncommon to use them, unless you're a porn addicted male.

Also, the word correlation is completely unrelated here. I'm just saying it's funny when someone calls a woman a pickme (which are known to support porn) while using a porn term.

Anonymous 13982

Plenty of normal American women joke around and say porn terms, save your energy for actual porn addicted males sensitive bitch

Anonymous 13983

Plenty of women are also pickmes, how curious. Could it be that… Those that use porn terms and those that are pickmes… overlap? Food for thought…

I'm not gonna save my energy for porn addicted males, why would I? They don't deserve a second of my time. You, however, are probably female, so I'm more likely to pay attention to you.

>Sensitive bitch

Never mind. Reported.

Anonymous 13986

Why did you clarify "non-Pickme"? I've seen a lot more Pickme women using porn terms. It's a "cool girl" thing.

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