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Anonymous 13931

I don't know what's wrong with my metabolism.

I reduced my calorie intake to 800-900 cal/day for 1 week and didn't drop a pound. Didn't eat all day today to see if it made a difference but I broke down at midnight. I binge ate:

>2 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls

>3 Tuna-only lettuce wraps
>3 slices of white bread
>1/3 lb shrimp with 1 cup okra, 1 cup peas

My e-friend called me a fatass over voicechat and I can't stop crying. I am genuinely putting in the effort to eat less but nothing is working. I'm 5'8 and 185 lbs. I'm almost 200 lbs.

Please don't comment pro-ana dangerous stuff, just healthy methods.

Anonymous 13932

I forgot to mention, I still eat fast food but I portion it out and calorie-count them before I order. For example, if my sister goes to Taco Bell I'll only get the Potato tacos (its just potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce, you can ask for tomatoes instead of the salty sauce). When we go to Chic Fil A and I'll only order the kids meals exactly: 1 5pc nugget, 1 small fry. Give the treat and juice to my cousin. Those two examples will be my meal for the entire day.

That's another thing, I've completely cut soda and most sugary drinks from my diet. I will drink blueberry or raspberry lemonade; aside from that I don't drink sweet teas, coffee, and I even stopped going to Starbucks. I drink water.

I'm struggling and I'm frustrated.

Anonymous 13934

one week is a very small time frame for losing weight, it's better to take it incrementally, going cold turkey off food isn't gonna help you lose weight either
don't give up hope and when you're about to give in try to think of why you're doing this

Anonymous 13935

stop eating fast food, eat more veg and stuff w fibre and start working out, like walking, running or literally anything

Anonymous 13936

1 week isn't a long time to see results. What method did you use to decide on 900 cal/day goal?

Anonymous 13937

Coffee and nicotine.

Anonymous 13938

First, a week is too little time to see significant, reliable results. Remember that one pound is about 3500 calories. Also waterretention and foodweight influence what you see on the scale.

Switch out your lemonade for water or tea/black coffee without added sugar or milk. Lemonade is a waste of calories (unless you drink some type of 0 calories one) and adds up quickly. You can get flavoured water if you don't like the taste of plain water.

>kidsmeal is my meal for the entire day

Stop that, it's not healthy and those meals won't fill you up, increasing the chance you'll eat again soon after. Eat healthy vegetable meals. Vegetables will fill you up and are low in calories, basically you can eat way more for way less calories than you get for junkfood.

Eating junkfood on a diet is a trap because it won't fill you up and you'll feel hungry again soon despite having eaten a fair amount of calories. And on top of that it's not healthy.

Anonymous 13939

sigh, I'm done with butting into people's business but if your efriend immediately gets mad at you and insults you they see like a horrible person. >.>

also 185 lbs at 5'8 isn't morbidly obese as far as I know. You should stick to maybe more around 1200 calories and take up something like weight lifting. Also remember–you don't have to eat less, look into satiety and replacements.

also advice: get rid of stuff like white bread. There's a lot of stuff like that which seems satisfying but just makes a person hungrier over time.

Anonymous 13940

Are you taking any medication?

Anonymous 13941

So if she's not morbidly obese she shouldn't lose weight?

Anonymous 13943


Thank you, yea I've been trying to lose weight since September 2021 but recently took on this extreme diet to see if there was a noticeable difference. I don't know exactly what I'm eating that causes me to withhold the weight. I've made several cuts in my diet

"smoking is bad mkay" - mrmackey

Thank you. On tea- I tried the Mango-Tea bags from trader joes (without sweetener) and it was really good! Are most fruit teas alright or are they generally as sugary as lemonade?

Junkfood is a trap. I used to have apps on my phone and they always sent notifications for coupons and stuff. It was cheaper to eat 1 junk meal a day than get groceries. Now my thighs are seeing the consequences.

We help each other with career stuff. Aside from his terrible remarks he's valuable to keep as a friend. I was able to get a high-paying job because of his recommendations

Weight lifting is a good idea.. there's a kickboxing class starting soon that I may join. There's also a gardening center that I'm super excited to volunteer for. ty for the good ideas

Yes, I'm on metronidazole right now. Constipated as f but I'm drinking plenty of water

Anonymous 13944


I don't think that's what anon meant.

Beauty at every size is appreciated and those women are beautiful too. imo the entire negative stigma around fat women is orchestrated by men. Morbidly obese women like 300+ lbs usually have 1 thing in common: trauma caused by men. We have it tough already, so I understand that it's hard to love yourself when men abuse you

(Having said. I feel fat and putting in the work to not be fat anymore.)

Anonymous 13946

Have you consistently been on a deficit before you started the extreme diet without seeing any results, is that what you're saying?

Anonymous 13947

800-900 calories is too few to be eating.

However, a lot of people are very bad at properly counting calories. Are you weighing your food or just estimating what a portion is? I've known lots of people that thought they were eating one portion of something, but when weighed, it was 2-3, and they were eating far larger amounts of calories than they believed.

Also, exercise. Even if it's just a jog around the neighbourhood, it will help. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. An hour of walking at a slow pace burns about 200 calories, and obviously it goes up if you are faster or include some jogging.

And you mentioned being constipated (possibly from medication). If it's been a couple of days since you've pooped, you could have an extra pound or two sitting in your colon. Especially if you're still eating junk food.

Anonymous 13949


No, previously I tried the traditional method. Cut out carbs, starches, high-fat foods, and most meat options. I substituted canola oil with avocado oil, cut all red meats for fish or chicken (baked), and tossed spices with large amounts of salt. hm what else… I 100% have stopped eating all pasta and rice dishes.

No cookies, last slice of cake was mid-September. Absolutely no candy, not bc of the diet i stopped eating candy in like June/July. I had half a 3oz bag of Sour Patch Kids 3 weeks ago. I remember it because my head and stomach hurt from attempting to eat that much sugar. I haven't had any candy or sugary snacks since then.

Estimating a portion for home cooked-meals, using the caloric nutrition guides online for junkfood. At home, I have standard dinner plates and make sure my plate isn't full to the edges or stacked on top of each other. Pic is about the portion of the shrimp/okra/pea dinner I described in the original post

I need to exercise. I used to walk 4-5mi daily to catch the bus and go to work until I got a car last year. I was super skinny too.

Anonymous 13950

>don't comment pro-ana dangerous stuff
>eats 800-900 cal/day for a 1 week
You are aware that even 1200 calories would be too low for you at your height, right? I looked up your estimated needs and it said 2200 calories, which means you should be eating 1500-1800 calories to lose weight. It won't be fast and dramatic the way that everyone wants it to be, but it also won't fuck up your body. Here are some genuine weight loss tips, from someone who was an anachan, recovered completely, and then lost a some weight after recovery slowly, healthily and without any stress/dieting.
>Eat three meals a day + snacks
>Eat complex carbs (whole wheat, brown rice, etc) for more fiber and to be more filling. Oatmeal with toppings is a good breakfast
>Make almost half of your plate for your other meals vegetables. Cook for yourself when you can.
>Portion control your snacks. Avoid eating straight out of the bag, instead putting it in a bowl or plate so you can see how much you're eating.
>Avoid sugar. I know I have a sweet tooth at night, so I eat a snack that has a small amount of sugar in it, which prevents wanting to eat a lot of sugar.
>If you ate a lot and still feel hungry, wait around 10 minutes before getting seconds to see if it's genuine hunger and then get more food if you need it.
>Only weigh yourself once a week, if at all. Weight loss, when done right, takes months and a week without losing something means nothing. No point grieving over it 7 times in a week, its the trendline by month that counts.
>185 pounds is not obese, so be patient with yourself and realize that nobody worth your time thinks of you as less for your weight. You may be a little overweight, but it's not a race to become healthy, take your time.
>If you spend a lot of time thinking about dieting, then you're spending a lot of time thinking about food and what you're not allowed to eat. If it's on you're mind, it's an uphill battle. I know this is easier said than done, but if you find yourself preoccupied with food, try to rewire your brain by changing the topic, like force yourself to think of a hobby every time your brain goes to food. Eventually, your subconscious will follow your will and your food/body image thoughts will be rerouted to something much more interesting. This will not only help you lose weight, but it will also make you happier.

Anonymous 13951

Both men and women should find fat people unattractive. I hate when moids harass women for whatever reason but finding fat people off putting or gross is rational. Not just morbidly obese, but fat.

Anonymous 13952

Buy a food scale so you actually know how much of something you're eating.

Also, you used to walk 4-5 miles a day and were skinny and you stopped that and you gained weight. Huh, wonder if there's a correlation there or something.

Anonymous 13953

the disgusted thing is exhausting because there's other emotions you can feel about fat people. Like…being worried about their health or wanting to encourage them to be healthier…without being disgusted by them. Teaching people how to hate themselves and resent themselves doesn't seem healthy for those with eating disorders or even just issues in general–which will eventually take its toll on the body.

Anonymous 13954

When it comes to exercise, I'd recommend just running, weightlifting is gonna add weight if anything. If running seems too daunting than like other anonettes (is that an acceptable term?) mentioned here you can just walk/jog too. There's also stuff like couch to 5k, which might make the transition to regularly running more gradual. Hope you're able to lose weight!

Anonymous 13955

I am 176cm/5'8 with 74kg/158lbs. Last two years I was about weight ~90kg/200lbs. I dropped significantly but I see general mistakes.

1. Calorie intake reduction is a bad strategy. You would basically just become more tired and start losing muscles instead of fat. It is better to change the quality of food rather than cut calories. Like reducing sugars, junk food, fast food or anything containing corn syrup.
2. Burning fat is a different thing. It is about long and exhausting exercises like running on a treadmill or walking for a long time. It is necessary to watch pulse because if you would reach to extensive pulse you would start burning carbos and not fat.
3. Stay away from people who call you fat or fatass. The best way to drop weight is either find a person who would motivate you and say they are proud of your work on yourself or look at your small progress and say how you doing well. Believe self-positive outlook is also part of successes.

Anonymous 13957

>It is better to change the quality of food rather than cut calories. Like reducing sugars, junk food, fast food or anything containing corn syrup.
That's still calorie intake reduction at the core lol

Anonymous 13960

I think she means that its useless to overthink the specific calorie number
>if you would reach to extensive pulse you would start burning carbos and not fat
would you happen to know at roughly how many bpm you stop burning fat? I've never heard this before and assumed that higher heart rate = better, so this is interesting to hear

Anonymous 13965

The BPM thing is pseudoscience.

Anonymous 13969

Stop eating gluten (anything made with barley, oats, rye and wheat), eat maize tortillas or cornbread instead.
Stop eating fast food. None of it is healthy even "portioned out"
Stop eating sugar, if you're craving something sweet eat an apple or a banana instead of candy or chips.
Stop using cooking oils, use butter instead.

Go walk for an hour everyday.

Anonymous 13970

>nothing is working
It's been a fucking week?? Weight loss takes longer than that eat at a normal calorie deficit (1200+) and either weigh yourself every day or very infrequently. Weight fluctuates massively and water retention means you might not see the results of a diet on the scale until a while after you've actually lost the weight.

Of course you're going to struggle if you expect just about instant results from an unsustainable deficit and binge the moment you feel disappointed in your progress.

Anonymous 14002

Thanks for these tips.

Anonymous 14011

Have you considered seeing a dietitian? It's honestly dangerous to just take dieting advice from any random person, every one is different and what works for one person might not work for another.

Anonymous 14012

Our bodies all have a standardized way of burning and storing energy and using up stored energy. As long as she isn't doing retarded ana-chan shit she's fine.
Unless she has underlying medical issues, there's nothing dangerous about cutting a small amount of calories, eating healthy and doing some excersise.

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