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Anonymous 14061

Has anyone lost lot of weight while having PCOS?

I would really appreciate some weight loss tips that work. I tried keto but I can't seem to sustain it long.

Anonymous 14082

I don't have an official diagnosis but I've had ovarian cysts and can grow a beard in a fortnight. What helped me the most was having a cardio machine IN MY HOME and something to watch or listen to while I did cardio every day (up to an hour usually, but the important part was just getting on the machine). My favorite is a rowing machine (ran me about $1500 but worth it). I also counted calories and went to the gym for weights (rip thanks covid). I went from about 220 to 150 in 2 years but have hit a HUGE plateau in losing these last ~20 pounds.

It feels like people with PCOS/generic hormone issues have to work 10x as hard to lose half as much and it sucks total dick and I'm so sorry you are in the same boat. Our plateaus seem to be much longer too. I hovered quite a while at around 180. It's important to remember this as you feel like you've done a lot of work but the scale won't move. Keep cutting calories/working out and it eventually will.

Anonymous 14085

>I would really appreciate some weight loss tips that work
eat less? nothing else works

Anonymous 14086

>It feels like people with PCOS/generic hormone issues have to work 10x as hard to lose half as much
care to explain? if you're counting calories and eating below your TDEE it's literally impossible to not lose weight also trying to lose weight by working out is not great, like 80% of your energy is spent just keeping your body alive and warm so it's much easier to cut 500 calories from your diet than running the 20km needed to burn them

Anonymous 14087

Insulin resistance is a bitch.

Anonymous 14097

I have pcos. I have been able to maintain a BMI of 18 for five years. Used to have a BMI of 31, it’s all about ignoring hunger cravings. Also knowing what your BMR is very important. It’s so easy to overeat and it makes it so the weight slowly creeps up over the years

Anonymous 14101

PCOS lowers your TDEE. But CICO still applies.
OP you just have to eat less. It's all there is to it, unfortunately.
I have been at it for years and maintain a BMI of 20 with absurdly little daily calories. One slip up and you gain. It's just how it is.
Better focus on being healthy and avoiding insulin resistance.

Anonymous 14102

I mean I might be a dumbass but doesn't a person's muscle amount affect TDEE too?

Anonymous 14109

Yes, in that case it makes it higher. Lots of things affect your basal energy needs, online calculators only give an approximation.

Anonymous 14114

i lost about 70 lbs in 4 months following a very strict keto diet + cardio 3 times a week a few years ago. i didn't count calories or anything, just ate until i was full which is easy with all the protein and fat.

i gained it all back during quarantine. i realized carbs in general are a major trigger for me, i'll just eat and eat and never feel full.

i'm doing keto again now. it was miserable for the first few weeks, but it's working for me; smooth sailing now. it might help to just push yourself through the initial difficulty maybe?

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