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chubby face, skinny body Anonymous 14125

my face has always looked fat. i’ve lost a decent amount of weight from when i was a kid to now and my bmi is in the normal range (18.9) but i feel like i look borderline overweight from the neck up. is there anyone who’s had this and fixed it (without surgery)? im desperate for tips on this

Anonymous 14127

I used to feel bad about the roundness/width of my face but I got a haircut that's actually similar to your OP pic, with the two shorter pieces of hair framing the face, and it helped a lot with visually slimming things down. It might not work well on everyone but at least it's harmless to your body (worst case scenario you have an unflattering hairstyle for a little while) unlike some stuff people try.
I also feel like it just got better on its own over the years? Idk if I did something to improve it or I just stopped being as critical.

Anonymous 14144

Round face is cute though, and if your bone structure supports it (wide cheekbones and jaw) then you'll age better/more slowly.
Embrace the cute, op.

Anonymous 15041

My face was that way when I was in my 20s and I hated it, but as I age, I feel as though it was a blessing. My face has slimmed down in my 30s and I don't look "older" per se, just different. It's like a second 20s! Embrace it.

Anonymous 15059

Seconding this, I know that when i enter my twenties my face will slim down, just trust the process and know the chub will go with time. It’s the case for many people.

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