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breast augmentation Anonymous 14230

Can you go from a 36B to a J cup?

Anonymous 14231

Anonymous 14234


I'm sure it's possible but it'll look really unnatural.

Anonymous 14237

Have you measured yourself using the r/abrathatfits guide? A true 36B is pretty rare. More likely you are a 32D at least. That's 2 cup sizes there, though probably 3. Next, go on birth control for a few months are you will get another cup to take you to about 32F. As for the remaining cups, you can either get implants (probably need about 800cc) or you can wait until you gradually increase with age or more rapidly with pregnancy.

Anonymous 14239

You should consider losing weight instead anon. Implants have to be replaced anyways.

Anonymous 14242

is there any way to naturally increase breast size without the use of birth control?

Anonymous 14243

Gain weight, pregnancy, aging

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