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Anonymous 14435

hello idk if this post is for /adv/ or here its just I wanted to ask.
Can I just take bc pills whenever I want? Like can I take them for a month then quit for 2 or smth and then another month?

Anonymous 14436

I think this is fine but I'm not a doctor. Probably shouldn't do it too often though.

Anonymous 14437

Anonymous 14439

Idk if they're all the same, but for what I have been on you have to take it for at least 7 days for it to be effective.
So, yeah. As long as you've taken it for the first week you should be okay

Anonymous 14440

Ive been to several doctors that all have told me that you can take bc pills perpetually. As in, you can take them everyday and it's fine for your body.
I, for example, choose to take mine continuously because I'm at risk for ovarian cysts, so not ovulating at all is the safest option for me.

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