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ADHD General Anonymous 14541

No ADHD/ADD general? I know some of you have it too.

Post resources on coping skills. Especially how to keep ur fucking room clean. Idk how to do that at all.

Anonymous 15444

It's simple but I just set a mental schedule ahead of time and my perfectionism kicks in to save the day. Say for instance you wanted to read a book and all of the chapters were roughly similar in length and one chapter took like 30 mins for me to read, then I might say to myself "read at least two chapters per hour from 1pm to 6pm." That's it. If it's 1:50 pm and I haven't finished my second chapter, my perfectionist drive kicks in like "ohshit" and speed reads it. Kind of like when you have an essay due on the last day and under pressure you suddenly crank out gold. Obviously you can't magically get stuff done that way but in my experience, simply having a mental schedule like that which is a good balance of challenging/productive but also realistic is good.

Anonymous 15459

the most common mental conditions in the planet are those two. so much so I legit don't think they should be considered something "abnormal" but just a behavior. Just get up and start putting things in order, hang your clothes, broom out all the dust in your floor and then mop it. Just dedicate some time to it, you have time to post, it means you have time to clean just do it with some music its not even hard.

Anonymous 15460

>Especially how to keep ur fucking room clean
I assign one day a week for a "stay at home" day. I put olaplex on my hair and do all the chores. Then I let them build up again until the next week. Works for me.

Anonymous 15493

forgive me for sperging, but this is why i hate having ADHD. it's overdiagnosed, most people don't think it's real, and many of those who do believe it's real think it's a personality trait or a moral failing. i don't choose to forget everything that is told to me 2 minutes later if i don't write it down, i don't choose to be paralyzed for days on end by executive dysfunction. i don't want to have to choose between doing everything perfectly at work or taking care of myself. i have almost no object permanence, i have auditory processing & sensory issues. i struggled all through school despite testing well. why would i choose to be a lazy, borderline-retarded mess? i'm a perfectionist who does good work, but it's clear to everyone who knows me that i have a difference in mental faculties compared to a normie. read a book before spouting harmful nonsense about a medically recognized disorder.

Anonymous 15629

if I want to abuse my body with focus drugs to study boring ass programming just to get enough money to live, that should be my right.

Anonymous 16066

Idk if I have ADHD but i exhibit all the common symptoms. I feel like the most disruptive thing to my life besides it fucking with my studies is the constant fatigue. This morning I woke up from 8hr sleep, went to the grocery store, came home and felt exhausted enough for another 8hr. Can any miners tell me what being on meds is like? I fear losing myself due to meds so much but I also want to be able to focus and have the strength to complete the things I want to.

Anonymous 16067

Sorry for double post, but I also forgot to mention this is in my previous post. Do any ADD/ADHD miners have a strange task prioritization? For example I felt energized last night and wanted to clean my room, but before I could even attempt moving clothes into my closet, I HAD to move a shelf on my wall to somewhere else I wanted it in the room. This took a while cause I had to drill holes, clean the shelf, etc. But if I even tried to clean up the laundry first it would exhaust me and my mind would be screaming at me to move the shelf first. Is this ADD/ADHD or something else?

Anonymous 16071

yes, i am diagnosed and also struggle with this. i believe it is a part of executive dysfunction?

Anonymous 16080

Absolutely. I don't really have a problem with this for work (electrical / software engineering), but it's a major problem in my personal life.

Medication has dramatically helped my focus issues, but it doesn't seem to have helped all that much with task completion or prioritization. At least, that's my experience with it. I do feel emotionally flat, however I don't think its the medication. I've noticed that I'm the same way when I'm off the meds, so I think that's just a me issue. It's also important to note that the medication originally increased my heart rate to about 100 bpm, but has since gone down to 90 bpm now that I've been regularly exercising. The one major concern that I have with the medication is the possible long term side effects of regular stimulant use on the body. I've been taking it for about 7 years now, and while my blood pressure is still normal, I can't help but worry if this will shorten my lifespan.

Anonymous 16249

Here's what I did, maybe it will help someone. My house has been consistently clean for about 4 months now.

>1. Treat any underlying mental health issues

Untreated depression will ruin your efforts, no matter how hard you try to apply organisation tools. None of the advice here or anywhere will do anything for you if you don't deal with this first.

>2. Minimalism

I cut my wardrobe down to 7 going out outfits, 4 comfy outfits for home and two pyjamas. I own 3 pairs of shoes I wear regularly and a pair of heels I haven't worn in 3 years. I also have some comfy bedroom slippers. Additionally I have only one dish and cutlery set for each person in my house. I have two cooking pots.

Basically just keep stuff you can get dirty to the absolute barest minimum. This will help greatly if you just start there. I also went ahead and got rid of nearly everything I owned as well, only have the barest furniture, etc. but it's best to start on those trouble areas (laundry and dishes) before considering further things.

>3. Organisation

Every item has a home location where I keep it and I got into the habit of returning them there by reminding myself that I want to find this item later. I have gotten so thorough I even have a hook where I hang my phone when I'm not using it.

>4. Daily Items

I have a key hook, random shit basket and small table to put my purse onto when I walk in the door. Then I can just drop everything there and it won't be lost. The random shit basket gets emptied every two months or so to make sure I haven't accumulated too many odd items in there.

I have more stuff I do than this also.

Anonymous 16257

This is good, solid advice for anybody.

Anonymous 16261

>treat depression
I’ve been trying for the last 10 years sis…

Anonymous 16266

Pretty sure I have ADHD because caffeine makes me tired. Who even cares.

Anonymous 16267


My FP won't give me ADHD medication and the waitlist for new one literally takes a year or more here in leafland. It's doomed.

Anonymous 16411

I was at the step where my primary care took a EKG said it was fine, my psych said it was abnormal and referred me to a cardiologist.

I use my microfiber mop to push the trash around and clean the dirt under it. Then pick up the trash, vacuum other days, get a load of laundry in when it's full, throw everything else in the closet. I try to clean my blankets every 2 weeks, and sheets every month although it really should be every week.

Anonymous 16462

Does anyone have experience with non-stimulants not working, but it's the only thing you can be prescribed because you live in a place that's strict on controlled substances? I don't understand why I can't just try out a low dose when I was diagnosed as a kid, but the specialists tend to cost hundreds for an appointment out of pocket. Unless there's a good non-stim I can give another chance?

Anonymous 16556

Have you tried Wellbutrin? I tried it years ago and it helped, the last time I tried it I got insane head and eye pain.

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