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hair growth Anonymous 14551

recently ive been using argon oil to grow my hair longer and currently its breast length but its quite thinner than it used to be before i cut it. any tips for growing thick long healthy hair ?

Anonymous 14552

No hairdryer or any heat/styling, basic shampoo, thick conditioner for damaged hair, olaplex (type 0 and 3, put a bag over your head and leave for hours), silk pillowcase, gentle brushing, only silk or velvet hairbands.

Anonymous 14553

And don't wash your hair if you aren't going anywhere.

Anonymous 14554

Not op but since I’ve been exercising daily I’ve started having to wash my hair daily which in turn is making it become greasy fast. Any way to combat or avoid this? :( I’m also trying to grow my hair out

Anonymous 14566

Some damage is still unavoidable, ends of your hair will still be somewhat thinner and some splits gonna happen, because it's been there for years enduring all wear and tear you get from just moving around
Stop washing it daily

Anonymous 16800

Argan oil*

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