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Please help me Anonymous 14621

Ok, so I have a trully really heavy period and the only menstrual product I am confortable with is one-use sanitary pads, but the enviromental guild is killing me.
I've tried menstrual cups but these didn't work - they were too painfull and the blood was too much for them to handlezalso I remember that everytime I pulled it out the menses was to the top and overflowing. I tried tanpons but I always leaked with them, also it was really unconfortable.
There were times when I used cloth sanitary pads that can be used for more than once, but the cloth could not hold the blood, and the flow was too fast and strong for them to keep up.
The only products that trully protect from leaks, smell, messyness and can actually handle my pariods are one use pads, but I feel like I'm killing the enviroment and it makes me feel too guilty.
I've heard of menstrual sponges but never seen one in person, checked the prices doesn't seem too bad, are there other options?

Anonymous 14622

remove yourself from the mindset that you are responsible for environmental destruction. this idea has been forced into your brain by giant corporations that implement this in order to avoid having to focus on their massive part in climate change and pollution.
it sounds like you have a really heavy flow. i have heard here and there that certain pads/tampons have caused women to have heavier/lighter flows. maybe look into organic/fancy pads and see if that reduces your flow. im a tampon user and i use natracare tampons or organic ob tampons when possible, and it does make me feel a little better.

Anonymous 14623

You could use a tampon with a panty liner (thinner than pads so you won't really feel it) underneath to catch any excess

Anonymous 14625

>i have heard here and there that certain pads/tampons have caused women to have heavier/lighter flows.
I never knew this, I'll try to find the products you listed.
Also when you pointed out that the mindset of enviromental guild is created by big corporations now I feel like my worries are quite way too big. Thanks for the responce!

Anonymous 14626

This sounds like a good idea, but for some reasons when I'm using products that go inside the body I feel pain and discomfort.

Anonymous 14627

sorry if this is a stupid question but how often are you changing to be overflowing everything?

also natural sponges only work for having sex on your period and you will overflow it within an hour

Anonymous 14628

I change them everytime I go to pee, between mostly 3 hours so around 5 times a day, sometimes more.

Anonymous 14630

yeah, no, don't feel guilty about using disposable products for your period of all things. Especially when you've tried sustainable options. There are many luxury disposables in this world that could and should be changed before women using disposable products for their periods. You're expected to function like normal despite a messy but natural bodily function, this is not a luxury. Also, are men being demonized over not using washable cloths to wipe their dicks and their asses? (assuming they wipe their asses) They're not.

Anonymous 14674


look up "gusher" reusable pads. They're made specifically for heavy flow.

Anonymous 14696

might as well post this question here instead of making my own thread
I've been wanting to try menstrual cups but I can never seem to get a straight answer on what size to get? I don't want to get the wrong one, since it's not the type of thing you can easily return and they're not the cheapest.
The advice I always hear is "get the smaller size if you're young, you're a virgin, you've never tried cups, you've never given birth, and/or you are small-framed," which describes me (I'm in my late teens). I've also never used tampons so I'm not used to inserting stuff
But they also say to get the big one if you have a heavy flow. So if all that stuff applies to me AND I have a particularly heavy flow, am I supposed to get a small size or a large size? It seems like they always assume that small/young women have correspondingly light flows.

Anonymous 14709

I was the same as you and got the smaller one. I empty it every time I pee and make sure to do before bed and don’t have any issues.

Sizes vary a little between brands too. I have two from different brands and one is slightly bigger.

Anonymous 14712

It's mhy first time hearing of these. They look unconfortable, has somebody here actually tried them?

Anonymous 14715

You can get them in minky or bamboo fleece, which is a lot softer.

Anonymous 14717

They look like they would put a bunch of fluff up your vagina.

Why are they open like like vagina? Why not closed?

Anonymous 14723

How do you even clean this thing? I’d imagine stuff getting stuck somewhere between the folds and turning moldy.

Anonymous 14732


why are they called "gusher" pads? it sounds sexual and like they named them after gushers at the same time. gross name.

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