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Am I developing an eating disorder, or is it no appetite? Anonymous 14639

I always had a hard time with eating since I was a kid. No, I wasn't picky, it's just that I could not consume the food from the entire plate, and I sometimes feel full from eating 1 small apple.
This tendency is coming back, from the last month I've completely lost my appetite - even for the hoiydays. Now everyday I eat only one meal, that can't even be called a proper dish. Sometimes I only eat one fruit or veggie, and if there are none I just go for a food that doesn't require cooking. I'm not lazy to cook, I am the one who mainly cooks for my family, so I have no problem with doing this task. Most of the time I can't eat the food I cook because I feel like I'll throw up.
I never bought in the beauty industry lies that my body should look a certain way, I am 167 centimeters and weight 44 kilograms.
I am worried I'm going down the path of anorexia without knowing it.

Anonymous 14640

An underlying non-ED related (medical) issue sounds more likely. Losing your appetite and feeling like throwing up from cooking without driving thoughts behind it sounds more physical than mental to me. I'd discuss it with your doctor if you can.

Anonymous 14641

This, sounds like you could have some kind of thyroid issue

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